Water purification and energy efficiency need to pattion toh

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   statistics, in 2016 1--10 months, water purification equipment total sales of 23.1 billion yuan, an increase of 20%. 2016 28.5 billion yuan, an increase of 24%, the market entered the stage of adjustment. December 18, "2016 Chinas water industry leaders summit and the Third Golden Tripod awards ceremony" held in Beijing, experts and business representatives from Jinhui explore the development trend of the industry.




water purification and energy efficiency need to pay attention to the integration of joint enterprises way out (Photo from Internet)

   water purification products and production capacity has been saturated [123 ]

   in 2000, due to the improvement of peoples health awareness, water purifiers to obtain the favor of consumers, the water industry have sprung up everywhere, some enterprises blindly expand production base, increase investment, expand production equipment, and solar energy, household appliances , furniture, cooking utensils, some of the higher business and foreign-related enterprises have entered the water industry, resulting in the water industry from the "climax" into the "low ebb", many companies struggling to maintain life, or even collapse.

   China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment special committee chairman and secretary general Dengrui De said, "In the current circumstances, the blind expansion of production scale and do not pay attention to the quality of the business is undoubtedly in gambling winning or losing." In addition, in the country strict control, so that inferior products have no market, and firmly correct inferior product under reverse the expulsion of good products out of the phenomenon, the water purifier market will regulate the development and integrity services.

   water purification and energy efficiency need to pay attention to the integration of joint enterprises way out

   At present there is a water purifier waste water rate, high energy consumption, prevented many consumers, but also It does not comply with the national policy of saving resources. With the national water policy and water-efficient implementation of the mandatory national standard, water-saving water purifiers will certainly increase the interest of consumers use water purifier, to attract the attention of consumers, the high rate of waste water purifier business is sure to be eliminated.

   China water purifier market analysis report pointed out, the whole house water purification system will become the new consumer demand. Future water purifier only to the user demand-driven, continuous improvement of product performance and design, in order to gain market initiative. "Whether from the current number, size, production capacity and consumer demand point of view, or from the integration of resources, standardize the market requirements and state supervision point of view, re-shuffle, integration of resources, bigger and stronger integration and joint development direction and future will by theroad. "(Source: HC purification network)

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