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   With the destruction of the environment, the growing problem of water pollution. To protect our health problems of drinking water, water purification household water purifiers become the first choice in the 21st century. Water purifier is a new type of home appliances in Chinas market, whether technical or functional design research and development of products are constantly surprise to consumers.

   Recently, promote high-quality drinking water health concept, focus on water purification in the field of Chinese high-end water purifier expert Angel, 99 United Lynx big promotion celebrations, the strong launch of a new generation of water purification products K7.


   HI-leach binuclear net consideration technology, water upgrade

   Angel K7 to Hi-leach binuclear net filter core, brand Patent USpro + RO membrane technology, more efficient and more complete filtration of heavy metals, organic pollutants, water pollution and the like colloid. And comes pre-treatment filtration systems and potent antibacterial nanowhisker tip processing system, the whole delay time, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, to prevent secondary pollution, so that a more thorough purification. Lead-free faucets to ensure water quality, zero impurities, zero burden, zero worries, truly make life more healthy drinking water.


   5 large craftsman detail design, improve quality of life

   Angel K7 addition to the advantages of leading-edge technology in the design details, it is the consumer demand and personalized design to show its head.

   600G large flux, can direct drinking water, ground water glass 200ML about 8 seconds. 1.5L / min high flow of pure water to meet the drinking water needs of the family, drink to drink, without waiting.

   K7 built-free composite filter tank, body mini, no water purifier tank 1/3 smaller than conventional, may be a 30% save mounting space kitchen.

   integrated waterway designed to simplify the waterway, can be reduced by 60 percent the risk of leakage, users no longer have to worry about water diffuse kitchen. And K7 integrally injection molded body, the overall seamless, effectively reduce the volume, to create small size, mounting is not limited.

   Angel new generation of fast access filters, simply screw can be replaced, the users own home can be easy to get. 3 seconds change the filter, replace more peace of mind.

   scientific and technological innovation, superior quality. US Patent No. composite film has, nanowhiskers patents, patent integrated water, saving pulse PatentAnd a number of core patents. With professional and technology, healthy drinking water for a family escort.

   Joint Lynx 99 big promotion ceremony, Angel K7 hot sale

   to Hi-leach into account net dual-core technology as the core K7, Angel demonstrated professional and innovative technology in the field of water purification , superior filtration performance and hit consumers pain points, the perfect solution for home drinking water health and safety issues, has won the recognition of consumers, new starter, it will lead to Lynx presale frenzy.

   In order to meet the net more consumers to enjoy a healthy life needs water, and Angel Lynx 99 big promotion ceremony to launch series of pre-sale promotions. From September 1 to September 8, in open water purifier Angel Lynx flagship store half price book, and the first to send Gifts thousand Yuan line machine, immediately scheduled, first-served basis, detailed consultation Lynx Angel water purifier flagship store.


   Angel, high net water experts

   Road have been heard, industry specializing in surgery. Angel as a high net water experts, in 1988 developed the first water purifier, and created a Chinese net drinking water industry, is the oldest water purifier brand. 26 years, continued to focus on the field of water purification, continuous exploration and innovation, with the first domestic water technology research and development center, has made a total of 300 domestic and foreign patents, including almost all of the drinking water industrys net core technology, it was identified as "national high-tech technology enterprise. " Angel is well deserved benchmark for the industry, who control the market and so far the most advanced technology.

   in the future, Angel will continue "to provide for human safety, health, fashions way of drinking water" brand philosophy, the use of clean drinking water, clean and more diverse use of terms, three-dimensional consumers around drinking water needs to do more to try and extend.

   (Source: Phoenix home, invasion deleted)

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