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   In recent years, the water purification industry affected by all the factors of prices, labor costs, the development of the whole industry into a relatively weak position. 2014 water purifier market with ups and downs to describe is not an exaggeration, there are some companies withstand the pressure out of the water purifier "stage", the saying goes, "survival of the fittest", left behind are also quite good strength enterprise. 2015 water purifier business go from here?

   2014 water purifier "big stage", whether it is "bloody" or "brilliant", have become past tense. Then the water purifier business in 2015, how to deploy it noncommittal, 2015 water purifier companies will usher in a period of intense competition, the water purification industry will gradually showing a new watershed:? The strong stronger and the weak weak. In this case, the water purifier business only in the case of both products and channels both in order to occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition.

   At present, for the water purifier business, upgrade competing to become the direction of development of enterprises. But the transformation of the water purifier business is a process of continuous exploration absorb new path, not a cross-border capital will be able to do a good job, the transition is not easy. There are many factors restricting type, every business is different, while small and medium enterprises in the transition need to be cautious on the road, not to blindly follow the trend. Water purifier and cross-border corporate restructuring, the need is to focus and respect for an industry, water purification business in the transition process, the need to combine their development, the use of regional advantages will extend its development of meticulous so deep.

   at the time of the extension of water purification products and research and development, business in addition to master the core technology outside the high investment needed to strengthen productivity, as far as possible so that its own production facilities and the era of convergence, intelligent production systems and equipped with multiple production lines, the layout of the production base, to form their own production scale advantages, so as to form a strong reserve force in a competitive process. At the same time, clutching the direction of consumer demand consumption, the development of the service system sound system is also a key factor in winning business market.

   With the diversification of market competition, the industry has become increasingly competitive incentives. 2015 China water purifier business potential of change is already irreversible come. If in some industries with traditional advantages of the enterprises in 2014 are still waiting to see, even resist the Internet, mobile Internet, electricity supplier to the enterpriseSuperficial touches, then 2015 will be the most water purifier company began the first year of Internet strategy layout.

   Therefore, in the Internet age, the face of the powerful impact of the Internet, when the water purifier business thinking about the future direction of development, but also need to focus on industry trends, only comply with industry trends, companies can win in 2015 .

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