Water purifier 20 years of development unda -critical point-

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   water purifier is indispensable to modern family home appliances, with the effects of water pollution in the world, a new model of people pay attention to the safety of drinking water purifier, new technologies, water purifier industry market value and market space is also growing, small series stage water purifier market has done a comprehensive in-depth analysis reports. The report analyzes the present stage of our water purifier three characteristics: broad space for development, mechanisms are inadequate, insufficient supply. How to change the status quo? A "critical point" under water industry Where?



   clean water blue ocean market to be excavated

   According to an authoritative survey, 50% home to home, do not trust tap water, that is, nearly half of the families may be potential users to purchase a home water purifier. Now domestic household penetration and less than 4%, from the gap between the two data can be seen how broad future prospects Yes. 21 century, China faces water pollution crisis. In recent years, water purifier market capacity growth rate of 50%. 2015 national residential water purifier water purifier penetration will reach 20% -30% ownership reaches about 100 million households, the average annual growth rate of 30 percent, Chinas water purifier ownership in more than 90 million units per year the growth rate of nearly 30%. State Council Development Research Center of Market Economy Research Institute survey: the next five years the market demand will reach 15 million units, a huge market to be tapped



   intelligence, environmental protection has become an urgent! open the outlet

   the traditional water purification products enabled features only on water quality evolution, and this is not only contrary to the current trend of intelligent, high-frequency product does not conform to usage. Especially for water purification products that are likely to contact every day, the water purification capability in case of a draw, intelligent and user experience becomes more important. Stalled in the water purifier enterprises, must be an urgent need to upgrade and develop high-performance, multi-functional, energy-saving and environmental protection of water purification products.

   In the overall downturn in the consumer electronics market situation, water purification equipment still maintained a rapid growth trend. Forecast data released from the media point of view, from 2016 to 2020, the water purifier market is expected to maintain a 47% compound annual growth rate, the size of the water purifier 2020 more than 139 billion yuan, already is a water purifier another explosion point portrayal!

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