Water purifier core disease being treated

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   It is a lot of water in the summer season, in order to have access to safe water, many families will be installing water purifiers water purification. Recently, a survey from the Shanghai Municipal Committee of Consumer Protection showed that the presence of heavy metal excessive sampling of some of the water purification products, easy to breed problem microorganisms, water purification products became "Sewage is." This will undoubtedly give consumers are using the water purifier poured cold water. According to the PRC data, water treatment equipment in 2016, compared with overall market performance is still eye-catching home appliances, water treatment equipment sales 15.3 billion yuan in the first half, an increase of 13.4%. One side is a growing market share, one side is not breaking the security issue has been discovered. For consumers, how to buy a water purifier brand only peace of mind it? Water purifier filter if you can not change two years? Are foreign brands than domestic brands better? Filter whether better?

   a filter problem can not change a year? activated carbon saturated easy as pollution


   in all consumer water purifier and filter misunderstanding, the long-term replacement water filter cartridge second to none. In addition to consumer misunderstanding, there are many businesses do not have to declare a year filter replacement, whether that argument fly it? It is a cloud-meter CEO Chen Xiaoping introduced, many consumers buy a water purifier after considered "once and for all" things no need to replace the filter. As a result, some families buy a very expensive water purifiers, but after a period of poor-quality drinking water every day, such behavior is wrong. The experts Health Authority of Jiangsu Province, said that now a lot of water purifier filter use is activated carbon, due to its porosity can absorb a variety of liquids fine material, such as free water, microorganisms and so on. Moment, some water purifiers propaganda can not change the filter a year or even two years, it is certainly not fly, activated carbon is very easy to "saturation" occurrence "saturated" after not re-adsorption of the impurities in the water, it will become a kinds of pollution sources, the original adsorption of "dirt" is released. Therefore, the use of general filter can not exceed three months.

   and a water purifier filter life differ according to the different products or different filtration, generally treated with water can be represented life as short as 2000L, 8000L many as, generally speaking, a water treatment single cartridge can account for one-third or even half price, even if only for drinking water filtration, six months to a year may need to be replaced. A conservative estimate twice 2 years after the money spent may be the first to buy a water purifier prices. The industry also remind consumers buy water purifier can not just look at price, and the price depends on the life of the filter element, and comprehensive comparison.

   Question two filter better? Key to filter materials and processes

   "Our home water purifier equipped with five cartridges, always feel that the more the safety cartridge." Consumption by Chen Ping told reporters. Coincidentally, with Chen Ping home, many consumers buy home water purifier filter fitted 5-6 Worse still, there are seven cartridges. In the industry view, the so-called level 6 or 7 nothing more than PP cotton filter, activated carbon and then PP cotton, activated carbon and then ...... repeatedly.

   Moreover, consumers have a lot of brand claims that its product is a multi-stage filter cartridge, so that consumers misunderstood as a series, the stronger the more filtration performance. Insiders told reporters, in fact, the water quality after filtration cartridge mainly depends on the materials and processes, but more stages will lead to more water quantity is small.


   a certain brand of water purifiers official also wrote about the popularity of the PP cotton and activated carbon water purifier filter in. PP cotton is a common chemical synthetic fiber, a water purification device main purpose is to pre-purification, can filter sediment, rust and other impurities can be seen, no heavy metals removal function. Activated carbon and entrapping contaminants in suspension in water, to improve the taste of drinking water, activated carbon can not be removed but the heavy metals and bacteria in the water. The industry with respect, for the average consumer, many people believe that the better filter, filter life as long as possible, which is obviously wrong. Some water purification filter apt to four or five, but simple filtration material are used, the effect is not such a high performance composite filter.

   Question three foreign than domestic good? Purchase should remedy

   imported products is certainly better than domestic, this is the view of many consumers of water purifiers. In fact, the markets most well-known brand of water purifiers are mostly Germany, Japan and other foreign brands. So, foreign brands will be better than the domestic, okay?

   The industry said the water purifier has a significant characteristic is the quality of the merits of the filter will determine the water quality the pros and cons. "Imported water purifier in product design, process quality is indeed better than mostThe number of domestic brands, the performance of the filter, the filter may also be better than the same kind of domestic brands. Such as activated carbon filters, which may be superior to adsorption effect made of activated carbon. As a result, domestic activated carbon over 2 tons of water may need to be replaced, while imports of over 3 tons of water was in need of replacement. "But the National Standards Commission purifier experts believe that," From the point of view of local conditions, domestic brands may be an advantage. Foreign water purifiers generally can not for the specific situation in my country, and our vast water complex, with varying degrees of pollution, for example, differences in water hardness in Beijing and Guangzhou is very substantial. In this case, the use of domestic water purifier brand may be more durable. "In fact, whether domestic or imported, water purifier has both good and bad, we can not see the negative news on the rejection of the entire product, when the need to buy water purifiers keep their eyes open, careful selection, but also pay attention to water quality problems , different regions, different quality, but also the optional water purifier remedy.

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