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   The quality of a commodity inspection, depending on whether it is being recognized by consumers, but people usually prefer to use market share data to speak. Experts point out that water purifier which is good? Filter is really good.



   Reporters interviewed the Shenzhen, a water purifier Laboratory water purification experts, he said he tap water at home is also a slight pollution, himself installed an add fresh water to drink straight machine. According to his analysis, plus the appearance of fresh water purifier, including the internal structure of the machine and in fact a lot of water purifier brand is the same, but add fresh water purifier cartridge particularly well. Filter is the most important water purifier accessories, high-quality filter in order to have high quality products.

   Reporters subsequent access to relevant information, to understand the knowledge of some of the water purifier filter. According to the reporter, currently on the market mainstream water purifier has two kinds of ultrafiltration membranes and reverse osmosis filter. For most urban families use municipal tap water, experts recommend membrane filter, because the waterworks factory water meets standards for drinking water, just in pipeline transport, secondary water supply equipment during storage may cause secondary pollution. Ultrafiltration membrane water completely filter out these harmful substances, while retaining beneficial minerals and trace elements. As for the use of well water in rural households, it is recommended to use a reverse osmosis membrane filter, this filter is more effective for heavy metal pollution in isolation.

   It is understood that the Shenzhen companys products add fresh water production are strict selection, selection of filters, filter never allowing poor consumers become the root cause hazards. Add fresh water to remind: after the purchase of water purifiers, the filter should be replaced to avoid secondary pollution. Replace the filter is to be replaced according to the length of time the water purifier using any of a water purifier filter must be replaced regularly. Replace the filter in the water purifier regard, we need to determine the specific time depending on household water consumption and water quality.

   In general, PP cotton 4-6 months, 8-12 months pre-carbon, ultrafiltration filter 18-24 months, 18-24 months the RO membrane, post carbon 12-18 months. For some filter kettle, each filter 150 may filter liters bucket of water equivalent to 10, 30-day cycle. ItIt is to say, once a month you need to replace the filter.

   by investigative reporter, and finally opened a fresh water plus water purifier market share of the first reason. Which water purifier good? Filter is really good. Everything just because it - high-quality filter. Choose water machine, add fresh water, they purchased.

   This link: http: //www.jingshuiqizs.com/show-13-2001.html

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