Okay baby drink tap water

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   infants drink tap water okay, small series to tell you that this is not good, because tap water contains some harm to the body chemical element, it is recommended that you do not give the baby to drink boiled tap water, then Xiao Bian introduce.




To be sure that the child is a parents life, we live baby as a power forward, is the baby of our lives in terms of goals, his safety is essential, no matter how kind of do not let the baby suffer a little bit of damage, especially more important in terms of drinking water, the water was safe to drink how do? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point.


Water boiled and then cooled to room temperature, most conducive to health. After boiling the water, the gas contained therein is reduced by half, increasing the cohesion among the molecules of water, with the characteristics of the water closest to human cells, but is easily absorbed by the body through the cell membrane. It is noteworthy that, not aluminum pot to boil water, or excessive intake of aluminum ions, can affect the babys bones and neurological development; drinking fountains likely to cause secondary pollution, it should not be used. Then the baby to drink tap water, okay? It certainly does not work, talk about the water below it.


So how can you reassure the public tap water to drink?




First, the need to protect water sources, and its essence is to protect the environment, from the practical point of view, environment has become increasingly harsh, difficult to guarantee the quality of natural water sources;

   [ 123] Second, the strict implementation of the "drinking water health standards", which involves the issue of inputs. But in fact, while the tap water has not been a corresponding increase in water charges while it is increasing, the cost of the water is to become the puzzle;


   Third, the detection means by a third party, and with the in the most severe punitive measures; Fourth, the passing rate of tap water should always be open. Looking at the domestic, how many people do not drink tap water for 20 years? How many people can ensure that their drinking water is clean? I am afraid that in addition to "special for the unit", to other people, it is a matter of belonging to the fantasy.


   These are small to give us explanations, we hope to tap a new understanding of it, but also to the child to drink the health of their families, pay more attention to ah. More familiesTips to make drinking water at this site.




   Editor: Zhang Fu


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