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   epidemic continues, the service is not closing! The new face of the raging crown virus, actually under house integration of online and offline resources, on the one hand through new ways to meet the city station, broadcast and other shopping needs of consumers, while taking a series of epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure that even homes in the country store 2 22 months to resume operations. A total of grams of the storm in the moment, actually home as a home industry and the retail industry, leading enterprises double, as brave, dare to play, to help businesses through the difficult operating period, so that customers enjoy the shopping experience.


   live online fancy grass homes will be able to buy

   fight against SARS is a realistic portrayal of family house, but also to have a home shopping and decoration consumer demand added a bit helpless. It does not matter, actually home with you to get online! Ali Baba and work together to create localized electronic business platform - now vibrant city station, has been all over the country 24 provinces and autonomous regions a total of 74 cities, covering 110 Easyhome stores, online can buy goods up to 52000.

   enjoy the city quick service stations, while House had also opened more than 200 stores nationwide pace of fashion online live, low-cost explosion models, limit spike 1 yuan to buy premium vouchers and other promotions after another, while showing good home goods, but also online science, answering questions, so that we can stay at home at ease, peace of mind to buy a good thing fly. According to statistics, a total of 232 stores participate live, launched a total of 7374 games, a total of over 1.106 million viewers, ultra-long 150,000 hours watch time, the number of new fans over 220,000, live guide breakthrough 16000 single transaction amount.



   House had more than a thousand gold shopping guide network turned red anchor line "grass", so that consumers easy access to super and more high-quality product information, brought a lot of convenience and benefits. Meanwhile, the brand businesses have also started to take this opportunity to smooth lines, to achieve contrarian revenue. While meeting consumer demand for home improvement consumers, the House had with the city and the station broadcast two magic complete drainage and build off, enabling comprehensive brand merchants.

   a comprehensive line of business as scheduled under quarantine shopping Please be assured

   February 22, actually home to most of the country stores will resume business, to meet with consumers again. For the good resume operationsThe preparatory work before, actually home stores across the country nearly 1,200 employees always adhere line. On the one hand, the timely procurement of various types of protective equipment, arranged in advance stores disinfection, the use of new wind system to ensure good indoor ventilation. On the other hand, insist on office and management areas for all-round, no dead virus disinfection work to implement the daily disinfection logs acquired a good set of effective prevention tactics, only for the protection of customers and merchants safety health.


   At the same time, in order to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control from the source to maximize the protection of consumers, actually home to shop for every customer strict temperature monitoring, and remind you to shop you have to wear face masks. In addition, to avoid crowds, actually home consumer advocate who experience an appointment to shop service of a contract to purchase the system, for everyone to create a safe and secure next line shopping environment.

   a two-pronged help the fight against SARS crisis into an opportunity to play significant

   Under the epidemic, actually home to get through online and offline and the overall development of the country store operations work in a very orderly arranged times ordered: online "city station", "Taobao live" comprehensive coverage just customers, under the line "to strengthen epidemic prevention", "make an appointment to shop" effectively ensure the safety of customers and business health, bringing a new shopping experience for consumers who Meanwhile, the overall enabling home businesses, helping them to develop new revenue channels. Two-pronged approach, not only with the majority of business through thick and thin with the wind and rain, speed up the layout of online and offline has laid a solid foundation for the integration of three strategic transformation is actually home.


   as a home and retail industrys leading enterprises, actually home at a critical time do everything we can to provide services for customers and businesses, show a strong, responsible business play. Brand management to help businesses through this difficult period, Easyhome also hand in Alibaba, ants gold dress, banks and other network operators to provide comprehensive support, including the city station, and other businesses, including financing, boost business online sales and cash flow . Which launched a joint bank network operators actually home businesses exclusive "network business loan" to provide financial services to the home actually resident merchants, prepare funding over 1.5 billion.

   Looking ahead, the House had still stick to the main business at home, follow the trend of consumer transformation and upgrading, to achieve a successful transition from traditional home stores to big spending and new retail, and consumer and brands forward hand in hand a total ofHit home industry a better tomorrow.

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