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  Note: Secret of the eight water purification industry scam publishing site: Published: 2018-12-17 last two years especially popular household water purifiers, but quite a mixed bag on the market, many people buy water purifier regret, Dahushangdang today, small water purifier for your Secret depth 8 big scam, roads shocking! 1, water purifier filter is the key, we often hear salesman said filter can be used for life, without replacement midway. Cartridges are consumables. Filter is like a sieve, sieve diameter greater than impurities will stay on top, a long time impurities will block the filter, the water becomes small, and even the surface of the filter odorous bacteria, this time you have to replace the filter. So the filter lifetime use the argument is pure nonsense. What backwash methods only relatively extended filter life. 2, sales staff said water purifiers make the water weakly alkaline, can help improve the bodys acidic, helping to "soften blood vessels, improve physical fitness." The filtered water infiltration, good solubility, absorption in favor of the elderly. The principle of water purifier is the use of membrane filtration to eliminate impurities out of the purification process does not produce any substances that are beneficial to the human body from the water, let alone have any curative effect. So, when you buy water purifiers in the publicity business hear the water purifier can cure then you must be careful. 3, water purifier as consumer durables, its warranty time is of particular interest to consumers, so a lot of water purification business to match up, play five or ten years warranty on the cover. But when consumers need to replace the filter, call the service phone number is no longer only to find, so the market there have been many "orphan water purifiers." 4. It is understood that the more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers, less than half get a health permit, the rest are "black factory", these manufacturers have the "make a left" mentality, not We will consider how to do lasting. If there is no black and white in the warranty card, but only a verbal commitment to the business, then you have to be careful. In addition, the brand depends on the time to market and service history, and if the brand has more than 5 years, it must be market-tested, trusted brand. 5, generally businesses in order to better promote their own water purifier, will first do presentations with high-quality water purification machines, display high-quality water purified to consumers. But the real selling products but is only skin deep, water purification fundamental to achieve the effect of the presentation. 6, we should choose well-known brands, health permits, insurance, 3CComplete certification of products, the best water purifier for more than five years of experience in the enterprise. Boost the original price more than 6000 water purifier to do activities only sell more than two thousand, gave cooker, rice cooker, eggs, rice and other gifts, spent the equivalent of more than two thousand only six thousand to buy a water purifier, We get a lot of gifts. Residents get a water purifier really marked above more than 6000 prices, as well as genuine validation tag. In fact water purifiers are some substandard products not produced or licensed by unscrupulous businessmen labeled a false label. Businesses that donated one thousand yuan rice cooker, a search online, only a hundred dollars. Merchant mouth donated $ 3,000 gifts, only the value of more than three hundred dollars. When residents found leaking water purifiers and other issues, businesses have closed shop, the phone can not get through. This trick, wander out distribution often does! You have to stay in mind! 7, the most typical is posing as government, business and even water company personnel, door to door. Uncle Wang stroll in a cell, encounter a strange woman who claimed to be an energy company employees, distributed free of charge to residents of energy-saving water purification. Uncle Wang to see her wearing the badge, you can rest assured to receive a home water purifier. A moment later, several men carrying a water purifier over. The woman said: "It is the companys new energy-saving products, the value of more than 2000, you are free to use, just pay 800 yuan deposit." Uncle Wang immediately gave money. Uncle Wangs son came home and saw this water purifiers worth tens of dollars, however, call the other party to leave the service hotline has been no answer. 8, not long ago, many residents claiming to be from a "Shenzhen water supply equipment installation at" The company spent 1,600 yuan to install a water purifier. The company has promised, one year after the installation costs can be refunded, and presented equipment. Who knows, residents just installed and then call and ask will not be able to contact the company. Like this need to wait for the return of long-term costs of the company, or so-called "high consumer rebates," the first query the authenticity of the company, the second is to see it has no physical stores, and there is a time and store products, third this brand audit qualification. If there is no physical store, shop, there is no record of the product, consumers need to be vigilant, mostly liar. For free installation of water purifiers should strengthen prevention.

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