New Year rush gathered together cost-effective security STAR

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  Laba had finished, all the more rich in flavor, the war has already kicked off the New Year, the major electricity supplier platform already launched various promotional activities, poly cost-effective Amoy New Year as an important platform to create brand feast at the same time, consumer Preparation favorite New Years concept brings together many brands involved. Ann Star water purifier brand as water purification industry benchmark, is no exception to join the huge benefits of this feast, at the end of purchase water purifiers, net enjoy healthy clean water, healthy water purifier small series invites you Behind the Scenes 2015 Anzhi Star special New Year Year of the Goat, Ann Star Lynx brand poly-cost group, time: at 10:00 on February 4 - at 7:59 on February 6.

   home for the holiday, treat the family trust of millions of families to choose products

   home for the holiday, what honor my parents to send healthy gift? This is the voice of wandering away from home, yes, for a living, ideal for hard work outside year round, so very few parents care and attention. The occasion of the year, would like to reward the most beloved family, so my parents to send healthy gift is the best option. For this reason, water purifier brand security STAR recommend the most affordable of the most cost-effective water purification products for your special New Year in the Year of the Goat.

   An STAR C3 + 2B purifier Recommendation: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?

   sales: Ann Star C3 + 2B water purifier is the whole network sales in the first straight drink machines, has explosion sell 108,859 units, with 50,000 users of water purifier, is millions of consumers trust the most good product.

   Properties: 鈶?five purely physical filter does not contain any chemical substance, retention of trace elements contained in the mineral water purifier. Water quality is good, not only to improve the taste, but also promote the bodys digestion, excretion, metabolism and body temperature regulation on the human body is very large. 鈶?pure food grade ABS material, health and safety is not easy to James Gray, nursing simple. 鈶?a key sewage cleaning, energy saving and environmental protection, safety, health, fresh water quality, health safety net to enjoy.

   Poly cost big promotion: free single big promotion end of the year, to fight the network speed, the speed to fight their luck rob 鈶?After opening the top 30 consumer groups took the opportunity to avoid a single item section, in Offered! during the first hour of active users enjoy free single opportunity. Single-free maximum amount exempt from 800 yuan. 鈶?Offered active phase photographed and payment before the 3000 Consumers send the value of 75 yuan 鈶?filter 5 before 4000 consumer products photographed Jisong value of 49 yuan a-half tap 鈶?5000 before consumers send the value of 2$ 9 is a water quality testing. (A limited number, to give preemptive)

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