Tap water for powdered milk fothe baby yet-

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  Tap water for powdered milk for the baby yet? Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2016-01-07 鑷潵姘撮€傚悎缁欏疂瀹濆啿濂剁矇鍚楋紵

   is the babys father and mother treasured flesh and blood, the baby lives every detail will let moms and dads heart of stone hanging too high, especially things related to health of the baby, such as powdered milk.

   There is a parenting mothers may experience the clearest, powdered milk can be said to be a technology live: put less milk, no! Milk powder put more, not OK! Temperature is not suitable for powdered milk, not more! Dad finally to boil the water, etc., it is necessary powdered milk, my mother took my father a slap in the face fan out the window. How you can use tap water to powdered milk it?

   is, the tap water is not suitable for powdered milk!

   babies between 0-2 years, although the body quickly developed, but this time the digestive capacity is still fragile, powdered milk needs good water quality, low hardness soft water brewing, this can reduce the stomach to digest baby burden. Water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ion compounds, usually in hardness between the hard and very hard, is not suitable for powdered milk! Mineral water because it contains calcium and magnesium ions more compounds, mixed with milk powder milk powder may reduce the absorption of nutrients, it is not suitable for applications powdered milk.

   that some mothers ask, then I milk with pure water can do?

   At present, it is a good choice. Although the problem will affect the health of the medical profession still at loggerheads over pure water, but as a solvent, pure water is more pure than ordinary tap water, safe! At the same time, because the impurity was filtered off, ions, chlorine and other substances, is separated from the original substance bound water molecules which can be better integrated with a water-soluble nutrients in milk, it is also more readily absorbed by the body.

   In general, do not exist in nature is pure water, the pure water is a conventional high-precision water purification equipment was filtered, into pure water (home or business) over the body and pure water (industrial or medical research).

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