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   July 19-20, Rongshida water purifier high-end 3T new conference and training session held a grand marketing model, more than a hundred participants from all over the country went Rongshida water industry companies to study, learn new high-end features, the company site visits the scale of production and R & D strength, and the hands-on training 3T innovative marketing model.

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   Rongshida adhere artisan spirit, cohesion innovation research strength, shock launch "Lin Jin" "Silver" two high-end kitchen drinking straight to competitive differentiation power terminal occupy the market. To help new students to have a more comprehensive, in-depth, detailed understanding of Rongshida professionals lead them to visit research and development centers, production areas, quality inspection area, storage and logistics workshop, witness product quality, feel Rongshida strict production and testing processes; clear perfected packaging details; and new products Watch and purifying effect of physical experiments.

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