Unopened shelf life of bottled water

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   unopened shelf life of bottled water is how much? There are national standards do in this regard? Some people do not understand these issues. Now Xiaobian to answer it.




Recently, two related to drinking bottled water is safe microblogging quickly forwarded on the Internet, about the shelf life of bottled water after opening the lid of the topic has aroused concern and discussion of many users. Some Internet users even suggested that opening the lid a few days of bottled mineral water, and just like the taste of drinking is not the same. Is a psychological trouble, or water quality has deteriorated? You know, the shelf life of bottled water standard unopened is? 2020-06-05, small series to introduce household water little knowledge in this area.


before and after the shelf life of different brands of bottled water unsealing predetermined different.


Nestle brand of bottled water order hotline customer service said, "have not been touched shelf life of three months, about a week after opening is finished." The farmer spring, said, "unopened shelf life is 60 days after opening also recommended finished within a week. "Robust related personnel, he said," unopened shelf life of 45 days, as soon as possible after opening drink, as to how long the drinking, customer service no clear statement, said in the last 7-10 days should be safe. " the water is wide and set customer service, said, "bottled water unopened shelf life of one month shelf life after opening is a month."


in the challenge, a clear understanding of each companys own customer service unopened barrel filled with water shelf life, shelf life after opening but then sure enough, most of them given "drinking as soon as possible" and "about a week" argument. Customer service said, few people ask this question, and occasionally someone asked just before the shelf life of Kaifeng.


on the shelf life of bottled water before and after the opening, there is no uniform national standards that were developed by each company, if the problem occurs in bottled water mark of the warranty period, the responsible enterprise.


In ordinary circumstances, after the completion of bottled water should be consumed as soon as the opening in a week. Environmental health after opening the bottled water is closely related to its presence, if placed in direct sunlight, high temperature, severe pollution and humid environment, more likely to breed bacteria.


by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the knowledge of bottled water shelf life unopened, and if you want to learn more about how drinking bottled water to be healthy little knowledge of safe drinking water, came to Xiao Bian concernIn the article it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water safety.




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