Wuxi water purification agents to explore how to get cusmers

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   Wuxi water purification agents too expensive for customers to change consumer attitudes, open the door to do business requires a lot of skill, not simply the product put out to open the door you can sit and collect the money it! Especially water purifier business many Wuxi water purification agents said high customer churn rate! Wuxi below water purification agents to share how to get customers into the store 100% of the turnover of some skills, hoping to help the majority of Wuxi water purification agents!

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   could sell water purifiers to go out, sometimes that is not how high the price is, how good quality, but picked product in the customers time, according to the action, demeanor, speech tone, etc. to determine the extent of the customer favorite products of this piece. If

   Customers can actively experience the product, and open outflow of pure water through the water purifier demonstration, then the owner can wxafd001 an appropriate multi asking price. When the customer bargain, even if things are highly profitable, and not a promise, say you too will be a bargain and so it is difficult for the words, so customers will feel that he bought a water purifier is really a very high price commodity!

   First, the guests sit down, be sure to hear your "praise" is it possible to stay longer, to the other side wxafd001 face, facial features, hair, clothing, etc. as the topic, so that the other party "sense of participation" in order to be of interest, caused by consumer desire. Trance and other guests questioning is the most stupid orders staff.

   Second, when orders, some guests sitting around, some pen in hand, from the presentation started, addressed the guests to see and write activity, write offers, write content, write value, let the words to speak.

   Third, talk, be sure to maintain eye contact and a smile, "fear" will only make their own missed opportunities.

   Fourth, first create a good impression with each other, "shake hands, introduce themselves, Zuitian, call each other, praise each other" must remember to use. Let your guests to feel good before they can use the "compassion" for guests to accept you.

   Fifth, store orders, grinding the longer the better, "Patience induce", "insists confidence" is a brilliant idea.



   VI before the guests leave, there must be some "dull period," you can not make the atmosphere cool down, guests cursory look at flowers will be your "performance" attracted where guests decision, let us decide for them, if necessary,Li

   using the negotiation techniques engraved, can be exchanged using favorable conditions, directly into the "price premium" or other requirements.

   Seven, we must implement the "three touch action" Let physical contact with each other, play affinity, intimacy, be sure to cool down before guests, retain customers, your habits of action, at any time with the guests touch, keep people better than to leave good

   VIII "concentrate" only concentrate on the face of every guest, speech intersection, keep the "ask, answer" approach, have a better chance.

   IX easy to give up only a waste of time, and not necessarily the next guests to be better than now, remember!

   ten, free time, to personally lead the guests at once, standing there in a daze, chatting, watching the guests go past from your eyes, more than a waste of time, like before, to make themselves more active, more aggressive, when to receive an award, will find hard not wasted!

   eleven when unable to retain guests, but also must stand up, smile and say "Thank you! Please walking!

   this is a mature any store should have" general demeanor ", remember! ! stores marketing efforts, none invincible, absolutely effective way of turnover, we can only continue to learn, to have more sales techniques is the success of store marketing.

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