Water purification industry -cheese dispute-

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  Household water purification industry is facing challenges, water purification industry itself is the product family in order to purify water of life, enhance the quality of urban tap water, the water purifier this "sunrise industry" also ushered in the hot period it? Is water purifier industry the full transfer of rural market? 鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟鐨勨€滃ザ閰箣浜夆€? /></p><p>   In fact it is not. The new control standards, relevant to industry experts, about drinking water quality is divided into several levels: </p><p>   First, the capital city of Beijing, in particular, within the Fourth Ring main city, launched a widespread water advanced treatment process, the water network most pipeline update, so the closest distance from the drinking water. </p><p>   Second, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other large cities, and some water plant launched in-depth process, but because the main city of old pipes and other reasons, can not be achieved drink straight. </p><p>   Third, other capital cities (second-tier cities), only a few cities launched some of the advanced treatment process, for reasons of water, pipelines, water is a problem in some cities water. </p><p>   Fourth, thousands Floor Of course, such an outcome no one wanted to see. Business is war, you want the brightest spot in the water purification industry, then we have to keep a clear, cool head, insight into the details of the drinking water market dynamics, timely reflect the analysis of the dynamic needs of the market and make a positive action. </p><p>   At present, Chinas rapid economic development, economic development, environmental protection to the whole country has brought unprecedented pressure, the Huaihe River, the Songhua River water pollution problems, making the CPC Central Committee, State Council and the whole society attaches great importance to the issue of drinking water safety . In recent years, educational level, living standards and consumption levels of our peoples rapid growth, it has been the transition from basic living requirements to feed and clothe the pursuit of natural, healthy living and lifestyle products. In terms of drinking water, more and more people began to pay attention to safe and clean drinking water and natural healthy water. The existence of these factors can be said to indirectly promote the development of my countrys home water purifier market, the arrival of home water purifier was given a

   hot water purification industry, it has also attracted the attention of some of the speculators. All kinds of speculation out of the water, purified water and health, water and other weak base, will eventually be replaced by natural healthy water, because more and more people realize that water naturally, was more healthy. Now, really do water purifier manufacturers began to develop natural water, restore water healthiest state,Decontamination, retain beneficial. In recent years, the emergence of a combination of ultrafiltration membrane plus activated carbon water purification industry has become highly sought after and attention of clean water, it can be seen that the water purification industry is in the direction of healthy natural water purification development.

   Ding-US water purifier always adhere to innovation, and in-depth concept to product development, product design and marketing. We will always bear in mind: our water services affecting millions of peoples health and life, affecting the progress and development of society and the environment. We will make every effort to: sacrifice quality water to create a better life for every health care - you and your family


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