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  Filter water purifier is the "heart." Water purifier can purify water, to ensure the health and hygiene water daily. Water purifier has been able to quickly purify water and water purification filters inseparable, different filter determines the water purifier purification, it can be said filter is one of the core components of water purifier. The water purification needs, into a wide variety of water purification filters, water purification filters each slightly different function. "Why do water purifier to replace the filter? Is there not to change the filter water purifier it?" This is new to the water purifier friends often ask questions. Here we must first understand the principles of water purification works. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) Generally speaking, a complete water filter cartridges are made with different functions consisting of "good core side has good water." However, some clean water. vendors, in order to meet some consumers "are willing to spend money to buy a water filter, change the filter is not willing to spend money" mentality, deliberately exaggerated. The need to change the filter of the first small series and your complaining why you changed your water filter cartridge? Consumers will not move home water purifier is needed. Water purifiers are consumables, water purifier cartridge in use will be loss, but with the passage of time, the filter for water purification effect is also It will be getting worse. As a core component of the filter water purifier water purification, after a period of time be sure to replace the filter element, said some businesses may 3--5 years do not change the argument is purely flicker consumers, known filter can last a lifetime without replacement it is not there more . Different materials after long-term use of the filter will absorb large amounts of impurities, if not replaced, it will breed a lot of bacteria, damage water quality, harm peoples health. (Source: the source of the water purifier public security number, invasion deleted) filter cycle difference different water purifier (1) PP cotton filter: mainly used to remove sediment, rust and other impurities in large particles, pre-carbon adsorption filter mainly used for color, odor, chlorine, etc., generally used for the period 3-6 months. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) (2) ultrafiltration membrane filter: mainly used to remove bacteria, colloids and macromolecules and other organic matter in water, cycle is generally used to 1--2 years. (Source: the source of the water purifier public security number, invasion deleted) (3) RO membrane filter: used primarily to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organic compounds and inorganic salts in water, is generally used for the lifetime of 2--3 years . (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number,Invasion deleted) (4) softening resin filter: mainly used to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, reducing the hardness of water, do not meet the levels of demand, reduction in the professional regeneration salt to be used repeatedly, typically 5 to cycle 8 years. (5) sintered activated carbon: chlorine, and organics may be removed, chloroform, water odor in water, since the use of the principle of adsorption can not be sewage, after a long time, the amount of pollutant reduction, the general life 12- 18 months. (6) Compression carbon filter: adsorption of chlorine, color, odor, organic matter, heavy metals and particulate contaminants, discharge is not performed, the general life of 12-18 months. (7) granular activated carbon filter: the removal of organic matter in water, chlorine, heterochromatic and adsorption of heavy metals that improve taste, generally a period of 9-12 months use. 03, using the prefilter cartridge prefilter cartridge since most of woven stainless steel mesh, and the discharge machine with a function, which can filter impurities trapped discharged through the outfall, effectively reduce cartridge blocked. But some pre-filter to filter the impurities embedded sewage and colloid effect is not obvious, and some organic matter will result in death paste mesh, poor sewage, and therefore proposed to replace with a new filter. , The source of good water. If you want to know any more questions about water pollution, water purification please pay attention to security aspects of the source of the public number, you can also leave a message after the addition of concern here will give you a satisfactory answer. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted)

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