Stainless steel cup you can soak Mangosteen

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   Mangosteen is a relatively common form of medicine people, a lot of people like to use it soaked in water to drink, you can play a role in the health of the body, so if you know that stainless steel cup Mangosteen can soak it? In this period appear to you.




the weather becoming cooler, people in order to be able at any time to drink warm water, then stainless steel mug has become everyones favorite, stainless steel cup appearance, convenient but also by our love.


Now people know a lot of health knowledge, know there are some Medicinal and Edible food health effects can be achieved by simple flood damage, Mangosteen is a relatively common people, then the stainless steel cup can soak it Mangosteen ?


In general, whether any bubble tea cup stainless steel is not preferred, cup metal components may react with Mangosteen detrimental to the body.


stainless steel cup can be used, but will destroy some of the ingredients, preferably with a ceramic cup.


Mangosteen is the Ministry of Health announced the first batch of medicinal and edible expensive medicines. Modern medicine has proved Mangosteen have a significant effect on bronchitis, hypertension and other diseases, but also play the role of prevention of coronary heart disease, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, obesity. Mangosteen has "Chinese fruit of God" in the world, with heat and cooling blood, fluid cough, Hua Chang detoxification, lungs and phlegm and other effects, often with Mangosteen soaked in water to drink, as well as beauty cosmetic effect.


Mangosteen sweet and cool, the lung, large intestine, have lungs and cough, thirst for Hyperactivity or Dryness cough, pertussis and summer heat disability allowance thirst, etc., in addition to relax laxative effect. Modern medical studies have proven that Mangosteen contains one of more than 300 times sweet as sucrose sweeteners, but it does not produce heat, it is not ideal for those of sugar diabetes, obesity and other alternative beverages. Mangosteen 20 g, 15 minutes soak in boiling water boring progeny tea. But only about 80 degrees brew with boiling water. Clearing the lungs and cough, laxative effect, can protect his voice, but also treatment of wind-heat attack the lungs caused by the sound of hoarseness, cough unhappy, sore throat embolism.


by a summary of the above, you learn a lot of family drinking little knowledge of it, looking forward to our next issue in talks to bring you what kind of cup to drink water is the safest.




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