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   As we all know, water purifier to solve the drinking water is one of the most effective security method, from the point of view of the environment, water purifier unlimited potential for future development, then how can water purifier agents ? in this market it well, add fresh water purifier gives a few suggestions:



   1. market positioning and planning

   want to do water purifier market, we must first have a clear market positioning and planning. In the early days, as long as we can do a marketing tool, such as open water purifier way into the store wanted to increase sales, the development of lower-level dealers on the development of adequate distribution. All in all, put its own good location, good and then seek a breakthrough in the other direction after one thing.

   2. rural market

   is currently a second-tier cities have been occupied brands and exhausted, four-tier cities and competition is too large, only rural market seems to be the best entry point. Because the popularity of small rural water purifier, the concept has not yet formed, more conducive to the promotion of sales, so the water purifier market in rural areas is a good starting point.

   3. integration of resources

   In this channel is king of the times, water purification agents to make good use of their own advantages, integration resources around them. Rely on friends and family to create a stable market district, which is necessary for a successful proxy distributor channel.

   4. Analyze customer

   data show that the water purifier consumer groups are between 30-40, but also these people in todays society the main consumer group, because the agents have to do is first occupied the high-end consumer groups, and gradually expand the influence of these products by the users natural reputation.

   5. Promotion

   want toWater purifier market, the necessary promotional activities essential, effective promotional activities to attract the attention of customers, increased sales of water purifiers.

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