This year 618 into a number of appliance manufacturers Cross

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  This year 618 into a number of appliance manufacturers Crossing Guard http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 10:08 on June 2 Source: appliances circle T


   HC purification network before 618, possibly some appliance manufacturers for market , also have a certain fantasy, always think that the market will be better, enterprises, businesses will not stay out; after 618, Some appliance manufacturers will face the harsh reality that can save their "own hands only add legs."

   low-cost, special, custom, etc., this year 618 years to promote, appliance manufacturers compete for market standard means. However, this is not the focus of attention of the manufacturers, with many home appliance manufacturers in the communication process, home appliances circle was informed that this year, 618 large appliance manufacturers to promote some of the most concern, is not cheap, nor is it arbitrary price, but two issues of competition and future trends related to the industry:

   First, hidden behind this round of low-cost, factory products, promotions, and other resources on a centralized, will inevitably lead to the dispersion to flow from the consumer further concentrated, further exacerbating the intense competition for market; Second, consumer demand is a lot of overdraft in advance, not only to bring home appliance retail landscape oligarchy, individual stores offline difficult to do business. There under the window period for some time in the market, how to live?

   In fact, for this years 618 big promotion detonated after lap appliances analyzed, for many companies is "Last Stand," while also trigger some manufacturers of "Jedi." Because, in the first half affected by the epidemic, many manufacturers phased completion of the mission objectives, we must rely on the impact of the 618 World War II. At the same time, some manufacturers in order to survive, and even take "regardless of the cost, regardless of the future" strategic loss in 618 big promotion.

   As many appliance dealers said, this years 618 big promotion, retail prices of many household electrical appliances, do not look at a cost, and second, do not look at pricing, offered the market system, it is to see the full price and the opponents own pressure. From this perspective, the concern is not with the home appliance manufacturers "groundless", because once during the 618 large appliance manufacturers to promote a "crazy price of chaos," behind the bustle and excitement, bring to the market, businesses and users, will be the one place feathers and endless sequels.

   First of all, 618 years to promote, not long ago Showmanship online Jingdong, Lynx and other electronic business platform, but to join with them online at RetailShop outlets to improve, become crazy promotions and activities at a feast online and offline, the impact will be the entire appliance retail formats pattern. In particular, did not join the many radio business, not take refuge in the brands individual dealers who will basically fall into "being beaten" The market is waiting to see the channel throughout June.

   Second, the 618 carnival snatch not only the needs of users in the first quarter of this year, more or two hundred thirty-four quarter of this year to user needs. Especially in the social, economic and market changing pattern of this year, home appliance manufacturers have clearly recognized, it is to grab the hands of their own. In the second half still do not know how to change the situation, so this is bound to trigger a new round of 618 big promotion battle crazy.

   In addition, the store next line of home appliance retail market structure, not long ago online shop to compete with the line, but in Jingdong, Lynx, represented by comprehensive national retailers, retail redefine the market structure, leading industry development, and even household electrical appliance enterprises involved in the upstream of product development and technological innovation. In fact, the current home appliance retail system has been from the past online and offline, large electricity providers, large chains, supermarkets, accelerate concentrated to a small number of platform-oriented enterprises. This means that a large number of weak enterprises, as well as individual dealers, retail high threshold will be eliminated and suppressed, and ultimately a lack of survival advantage.

   So, when people have made home appliances, big promotion this year, 618, is a "one line between life" or "a watershed", I believe no one doubts that after the home appliance industry to promote 618 large retail channel threshold is pushed further , household appliances industry, many small manufacturers who in turn go from here?


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