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  , The source of water purification machines, founded in 2004, since its inception, has been focused on the development and promotion of branded products. Buy used, the source of water purification products, people know, the source of water purification products are varied, adhere to the consumer as the core, the products produced by the public favorite. Headquarters, the source of water purification machines give full support to the franchisee is also widely acclaimed. If you are also optimistic about the security of the source water purification machines, quickly join the information to understand it! , The source of water purification machines Join policy 1, the price of a unified national policy agent prices, security of the source guide the development of a competitive retail price system, great profit margins given to dealers, distributors enhance competitiveness in the regional market . 2, promotional support a unified company produced a variety of promotional materials and provide free to the dealer in accordance with a certain amount to help dealers establish the image of the terminal, carry out promotional activities until the market started the local area 3, the source marketing team to help Anzhi Key regional markets sent the leading marketing consulting firm marketing consultant and the companys business elite field market assistance, is your operation of the regional market expert consultants. 4, rebate policy the company set up strong sales rebate policy to encourage dealers fully into the market, to achieve higher sales targets. The company set sales stepped rebate policy, and timely cash rebate. 5, the area to protect the company in order to protect the interests of dealers, authorized regional exclusive distribution policy as the companys regional market, the company set strict penalties for cross-regional R & D center policies to protect the regional distribution of the exclusive distribution rights. 6, ad-supported strong marketing force CCTV brand, long-term CCTV advertising support, the company offers design templates for dealers conventional advertising materials, company to build a new website platform for reseller web platform, the source of resource sharing, exchange of experience in! 7, regional operational support, the source of the idea to build a functioning set of mature regional markets, market management training to develop a set of documents to the dealer management system, training. 8, the source document management support for security of the operation of the market to establish a set of files for dealers tailor-made product knowledge training manuals, annual planning and training documents, training manuals, and so on after-sales service. 9, perfect after-sales service 7 * 24 hour telephone service 400 free maintenance for life in more than 40 fixed more than 800 service centers Teyue An decorate. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted), the source of water purification machines Brand Shenzhen Shun Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a research and development, rawProduction and sales of high-tech water treatment enterprises, mainly the production of one of the six high-tech ultrafiltration membrane as the core material of the 21st century household, commercial water purifier (water purifier). Hundreds of products, market prospects, very competitive. Shun Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. strict implementation of the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, from product design and development, incoming inspection, production process inspection, product testing whole strictly control product quality; Shun Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. has been working with the United States OSMONICS, KDF, FLECK, etc. well-known international manufacturers of water purification equipment in close cooperation in domestic water purification technology has been a leader, forever leading technology for the consumer to ensure the production of safe drinking water purifier products. Excellent quality, perfect service, so that our products all over the country more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other countries and regions, won the trust of users. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted), the source of water purification machines part of the evaluation nickname: Anonymous This brand is good, trustworthy. Nickname: anonymous product quality and service are very good, thumbs up. Nickname: anonymous quality water purifier really good, that is a little bit expensive! (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted), the source of water purifier is a worthwhile venture investors to join a good brand! If you have an idea you want to join, the source of water purification machines, you can inquire or online message oh. , The source of water purifier is Tel 0755-28556961, and quickly contact us now! Joined investment there are many other factors to consider, it is recommended more attention to advice to reduce investment risk.

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