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   Chinas water pollution, air pollution, like China too fast, so that everyone by surprise. We can not live without water, but we continue to develop the process of industrialization, but let the water side gradually lost its vitality ...... our memory crystal clear rivers, and now it has been hard to trace. Once a delicious sweet and pure spring, but now I can not touch. Water is the source of life. The quality of drinking water quality is closely related to peoples health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that 80 percent of the worlds disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. At present, What is the status of urban people drinking there any solution

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   What is the status of urban residents drinking water

   drinking roughly into the following two situations???:

   1, drink boiled water

   I believe most people are drinking water, in fact, long-term drinking boiled water damage on the human body is very serious. Because now the water a few decades ago the water has been completely different. Of course, boil the water can kill non-high-temperature water portion of bacteria, viruses. But bacteria, viruses remain in the body of water enter the body was turned into the medicine called "body heat", common clinical "nameless fever" and more from this reason.

   United States Environmental Protection Agency report indicated: boiling water is tantamount A useful oxygen and minerals buried in the "dead", while most of the impurities remain in the water. According to the survey, University of Florida Department of Health in action, boil equal to the concentration of harmful substances such as arsenic, tribute, lead and cadmium. After boiling water, pure water only, but also it called stagnant water, because it does not have oxygen. Why do we drink mountain spring water (small molecules of water), bath with mountain spring water will make the body very comfortable because of the high oxygen content of mountain spring water. Boiled water lost because too much oxygen can not be used to water the flowers, fish, is the truth. Hypoxia and often drinking boiled water, is to make human cells due to lack of oxygen deformation, resulting in cancer of the important reasons.

   is the biggest drawbacks of drinking water: water bleached (main ingredient is chlorine bleach) was treated to water containing chlorine, chlorine water is generated between the highest concentration of trichloromethane 90-100 , and chloroform has been confirmed carcinogenic effects of the world medical community.

   2, drink barrelMineral water

   mineral water is indeed a good water, which contains minerals and trace elements necessary for the body, both from a nutritional point of view, still up from the taste of taste, people do not really give I feel the same. Therefore, although the price of bottled mineral water is relatively high, but also more and more attention to the health of people drinking accepted. However, that the majority of residents are worried about the situation, but one after another occurred. After microorganisms such as bottled water, easily opened excessive drinking fountains health and safety and so on.

   drinking fountains inherent in the process of "secondary pollution" and other factors are frequently exposed, "water problem" after another, increasingly exposed serious problems in the production, distribution, sales and many other aspects, consumers are shocking : bottled mineral water can not just drink.

   China Water Pollution What are the characteristics?

   in order to drink clean water, we must first understand the characteristics of water pollution in China is what is it? If the water in the world at present from categories of view, there are a variety of techniques: adsorption technique, such as activated carbon; the use of sterilization, disinfection techniques, such as UV, ozone, distilled, which are some sterilization techniques. There are techniques of ion exchange, selective removal of water, calcium and magnesium.

   European and American markets such as water, it should be said to be relatively good, industrial pollution is not a big problem. So water purification products in the European and American markets are more concerned to improve the taste, remove scale and suspended solids. Those substances are generally relatively large size, are thousands of molecular weight. Filter out large particles of impurities and improve taste, most of the European and American markets products in such a technology-based program product.

   In India, the Indian water purifier market is very developed, Indian products directly to get the Chinese to use is not appropriate. Indian market these products more attention in how water purification sterilization, remove the foreign body, do not drink the water because of diarrhea. Therefore, according to the physical dimensions of these bacteria to count the molecular weight, generally at least 5000, 1000 daltons, more than one thousand are to count the number of stages of the physical size of the filter.

   while the Chinese market due to rapid industrialization caused by industrial pollution, including industrial pollution is very important that the heavy metal pollution, which is a Chinese market specific topics. Heavy metal in molecular weight is usually about 50,100,200 daltons, a molecular weight is one hundred vertical, non-Often tiny.

   According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection latest headlines, our country has 250 million of residential areas close to the key polluting enterprises, nearly 300 million inhabitants use unsafe drinking water, while Chinas lead pollution, coastal areas are the most powerful . Metal pollution, heavy metal content of sludge measured at the bottom of the lake river water weight is very high, 80% of rivers and lake are reflected heavy metal pollution, as well as some of the data said to be economically developed areas, about 1/6 of arable land is contaminated. Pearl River Delta have a lot of electronics companies, a variety of industrial emissions, the Pearl River Delta, about one-third of the arable land is contaminated.

   water purifiers purify water

   In fact, the boil is only part of a kill bacterial action, can not really achieve a healthy water standards. As the national voice for health, health increasing, purify our drinking water is already imminent. Since the "source" we can not control, then our water "terminal", we can achieve the purpose of purifying water by installing a water purifier.

   A good water purifier able to better last pass, thoroughly filtered tap water of bacteria, viruses, rust, colloid and other impurities. Installing a home water purifier start off purifier, water purifier water purifier off into the open, to go through multiple purification procedures, five filters, retention harmful substances, retain beneficial ingredients, drops out of pure healthy water. Let tap new look, so that you and your family can be healthy drinking water.

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