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   water purification industry with the economic development, this market is growing cake, if one wants to stand out in the industry have a good mode - M Group is the first in the industry to obtain constant change of the first use of a water purifier things, the first use of SNS sales model, first shared enterprises, in response to a shared economy, the concept of revenue sharing, - M Group piloted in the three northeastern provinces in 2016, and success of the pilot, with this success, there are a lot of capital markets to fancy - M Group.

   - M Group in April 8, 2017 successfully logged in global small and medium enterprises listed equity trading center (listed Code: 91558), which marks the formal entry into China Kang water purification technology platform for international financing, will usher the development of new strategic opportunities.


   on the listing ceremony, Mr. Zhu Jianhua, chairman pointed out in his speech: Over the years, Shenzhen Hua Kang water purification Technology Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the water industry, adhere to innovation and development, adhere to the people-oriented, with innovative thinking constantly very best in the future, strive to do their own development and contribute to the community.

   Global SME companies listed equity trading center which is an emerging international center for corporate equity investment and financing platform for the display, with proximity to mainland China, based in Hong Kong, global radiation advantages, access to its listing qualifications have a lot of requirements and must conform to and comply with the listing rules of the Exchange and other relevant regulations.


   Once a company listed in Hong Kong, Hong Kong can take advantage of this efficient and diversified, full range of IFC financing platform, in a very short period of time to raise the funds needed for enterprise development, while promoting corporate further internationalization, with international standards in terms of corporate structure, operational mechanism, international standards of financial and accounting system, accelerate business growth and transformation. In addition, the Hong Kong listing will help enterprises to improve competitiveness and to create a world brand, will also help enhance the corporate image in the international market. Hua Kang water purification technology can log in at such a platform, fully proved - M is a water purification technology in line with the "fine" and "new" standard of quality companies. ?

   - M water purification technology to stand out in many enterprises, the reasons for the success is it listed in Hong Kong which have to say - M Water Technologys star product: Things purifier. Hua Kang water purifier using the Internet of Things Internet of Things technology, greatly liberating the productive forces, buildingExcellent water purification ecosystem, making the manufacturers, distributors, consumer relations further strengthened and improved so quickly led China Kang water purification technology came to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, all the way.

   successfully logged SME global equity trading center, a rare historical opportunity for development, the company will use this platform to create favorable conditions for the development of enterprises, and strive to improve their international competitiveness and international visibility and reputation as an international business development and lay a solid foundation.

   At the same time, welcome people with lofty ideals Hua Kang water purification technology, water industry to discuss the development plan!

   understand Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? width=

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