Water purification agents to work effectively and efficientl

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鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊鍟嗚楂樻晥鍙戝睍 淇濋殰璧勯噾娴佸姩鏄叧閿? width= In recent years, the water purification industry has been rapid development, awareness of domestic water purification industry has gradually deepened, but on the overall development of the industry is, there are still many problems, such as not smooth chain of funds, funds the key to effective protection of the development of a business, then the business in the smooth flow of funds to protect what issues need to pay attention to it?

   to control the number of business products

   many water purification agents have a "greedy big" problems ; operating the product better. Water purification agents thought: a multi-business products, customer resources can be fully utilized. Two will reduce distribution costs. Three will add new sales opportunities. But too much variety, distract your attention and funds management, the advantages when your core product being undermined. Water purification agents engaged in a variety of products, should do what. Sometimes it is not greater than 1 + 1 2.

   selectively into the account of a long system

   hope from the perspective of the factorys products into its own water purification system for all agencies operating in the region. But the agents on the water purifier system must be inspected. Results section examine its credibility, account period, and operating conditions, etc., and effective assessment, short-term reconciliation and so on.

   a number of multi-spot cash operations of the terminal stores

   part of the regional small and medium sized retail stores are spot cash operations. Multiple operating these stores may transport costs will increase, but the fast turnover rate of funds. As long as water purification agents good service, this quantity, the monthly sales volume is very impressive.

   good inventory management

   agents operating water purifier is not hoarding money fast turnaround sometimes more profitable than profits. Therefore, water purification agents do inventory management, inventory must be reasonable classification. Reasonable inventory divided into three categories, one, selling fast moving product, low-profit fast turnaround stock, such stock may be exaggerated, the higher the greater the amount of the purchase profit; second, high-margin, growth pin stock, such stock is fast a fast-forward, definitely not Yahuo; Third, higher profits, sales slow moving inventory of long-tail type, this type of inventory policy is good, determined not to enter.

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