Open to sustained water purifier won the famousrademark iSha

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  December 30, 2014, came the good news story again. "On energy" and "CANATURE" recognized brand in 19 batches famous trademark in Shanghai, the third consecutive reelection Shanghai Famous Brand.

   Since 2008, open to the brand for the first time was named "Shanghai Famous Brand" since the 17 consecutive batches, 18 batches, 19 batches three times won the title. Open to the brand, the first since 2001 to date, as domestic living water treatment industrys first listed company, will continuously Habitat home health water, while continuing to provide high-quality products and services.

   It is reported that Shanghai well-known trademark since 1996 finds that identified a total of 19 batches, the total amount currently valid famous trademarks only 1275, while the total Shanghai valid registered trademarks of 380,000, approximately every 300 to a trademark in a famous trademark in Shanghai. Behind the increasingly high barriers to entry, the "Shanghai Famous Brand" flagship piece of gold has become increasingly prominent. "Shanghai Famous Brand" has become a symbol of Shanghai in the industry of high-quality, high reputation, highly competitive goods and services.

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