2014 is the tangiblehings -harmoniouquality of drinki water

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  A quality of harmonious cities on livelihood issues must be very close to the general public. Some outstanding foreign cities is very convenient in terms of public services, one of which is the popularity of public drinking fountains; at bus stops, pedestrian streets, squares, business lobby, always provide high-quality pure water free. 2014骞翠负姘戝姙瀹炰簨椤圭洰涔?鈥滃搧璐ㄦ澀宸?鍏嶈垂楗按 鍜岃皭鏉窞 楗按鎬濇簮鈥濈殑鍏泭鏈嶅姟

   in ancient China have soup kitchens serve our virtues, now more harmonious urban water distribution should be free of charity. Hangzhou harmonious construction, the need for government led advocacy, to attract socially responsible and actively involved in the public mind of enterprises, the enterprises contribute to the community, the source of drinking water, the formation of a new trend. We Freda Water Co., Ltd. Hangzhou public areas in front of Lianhua Hangzhou Gongshu century canal store, did a pilot; a "water media" public drinking fountains, by depth filtration for municipal tap water, create high-quality pure water, free of charge to thousands of people every day drinking, ...... top LED subtitle is "quality Hangzhou, free drinking water; harmonious Hangzhou, drink from the source," the marquee, this initiative has won the majority of the people excitedly spread the news, word of mouth. On the one hand the public saving money to buy water to drink in one hand, but also reduce the waste of mineral water bottles of frustration, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient for good measure.

   a good public service model must first benefit the public, but also followed by Lee Enterprises. Because, public services need to invest persistent daily human and material resources. This is a public service project a long-term system. Our after-sales service in order to ensure funding of public drinking fountains, loved by the people in this good work good things into the media system, using advertising revenue to maintain the service mode, threefold: 1, the general public benefits; 2, improve corporate reputation; 3, harmonious urban drinking water from the source of virtue can be passed; why not


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