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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, home water purifier pleasure National Wealth Summit, leading the development of industry focus. Quality classic, Hua Kang water purifier invite you to join. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (9.12-9.18) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   - M-quality classic water purifiers invite you to join

   Water is the source of life, whether it is from the Chinese or Western medicine, the importance of water to the bodys self-evident. Water is an essential element of human life of normal activity, the human body is the first of seven nutrients. However, in recent years, frequent incidents of water pollution in our hand so that we began to realize the need to pay attention to safe drinking water; another aspect is a lot of consumer uncertainty and unease in the drinking water. [Click for more]

   Victor purifier clan

   travel extensively

   from the northeast Jilin, Liaoning, North Chinas Shanxi Province, Inner Mongolia to the northwest Gansu, Ningxia and southwest Yunnan-Guizhou, Sichuan, southwest, South China, North China and so on, travel extensively, "Victor" and each to a region, then the heart of the city, to focus on local water environment, and work around the size of the dealers, literacy every station, every station to explain the scene, each station in real-time demo . Health Express Victor will drive it home! [Click for more]

   Lays home water purifier national wealth summit focused industry to lead the development

   2016 Nian September 20 to September 21 , Dulux home water purification Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. will be held at the Vienna international hotel Guigang "trend, net to win the world" national wealth summit, will come from dealers across the country and social elites, media reporters, will explore the net with you the future development direction of the water industry, as well as home pleasure upgrade the brand development strategy. [Click for more]

   Haier water purifier home health products to create new scenes experience

   golden September, Haier water purifier new blockbuster hits in order to bring home a new health experience. The listing of new products and continued the scene Haier water purification solutions, according to the family in different scenes for different water purification solutions to solve your drink, eat, wash, bath, clean water and other needs all-round protection of the family water safety health. [Click for more]

   clear spring: Household water purification agents of the four main points

   in the choice of brands, agencies must conduct market research for their area, particularly around the situation of their own shop, combined with the actual situation choose to join the water purifier brand. Clear spring water purifier adhering to the "thinking, creativity, quality, professional" business philosophy, continue to promote the brand strategy. Determined to take the brand development path, to create a national leading brands, it is the brand of choice for many agents. [Click for more]

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