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   Chinas rapid economic development, has now become the worlds second largest economy. Like other industries, water purification industry is also joining catch the express train of economic development, a very good development opportunities. Now, has ushered in the peak period of economic transition, water purification industry must grasp the outlet, to seek new development breakthrough. Industry sources said the water purifier companies need to implement all-round, three-dimensional complete transformation, achieve the strategic value transformation, the only way to be successful water purification companies across the door of life and death. Want complete transformation in three steps, the first to build a new system of survival and development, into the new development track; secondly based on the industry, self-promoting style transformation; finally, the transformation requires three-dimensional thinking.

   First, look for new living space

   to adjust the global business environment and far-reaching decisions a business transformation vision, ideas and strategies. All changes all point to one topic: "Global market consumption growth rate reduced scale enterprises + factor costs overall increase in resources," which is the most fundamental difference, determines the water purification business transformation required in the Context of Globalization, integration of internal and external resources, conversion business models, survival and development to build a new system. Water purification business groups must enter the "survival and development of a new track," get out of the current, into the future. Water purification companies can seek information society service opportunities, and tap new energy and new materials, create new business conversion value in traditional industries to services instead of products, these pathways, to find new living space.

   Second, the self-promoting style transformation

   enterprises to survive the crisis is the result of the migration of the value of the context of globalization, which determines the driving force of business transformation and transition space. Therefore, companies should seek purification from large diversified into professional and strong, leading from cost to value innovation, from the first number into a benefit first, from manufacturing-oriented development to create oriented, from sales to the brand on exports from deep to meet the needs of the local market, from sales priority to sustainable development, mainly to attract capital from foreign investment mainly from winning the sprint to win the marathon, "enterprise system change.

   Third, the strategic value of transformation

   water purification companies face adjustment should be a "stretch have constricted" breakthrough behavior, you need three-dimensional thinking, rather than one-way thinking. in order to better achieve strategic transformation , water purifier brands may be four levels from decision-making, business layer, tissue layers and layers of people and assets, includingBegin to exert. Such as decision-making, from the individual hero-centric immediately decisions into strategies to integrate individual responsibility for the interests of power-holders and built-centric system decision; tissue layers, integrated structures, processes and human resources to ensure that the organization to operate effectively; business layer, integrated product development, customer relationship marketing and integrated supply chain system, or achieve product leadership, customer intimacy or implement, or achieve operational excellence, ensure business competitiveness.

   in peoples health and life requirements of high current, new requirements bring new change, water industry will have a new spring. So, many companies should prepare for water purification, take the initiative to seize the market direction, every consideration, to explore business prospects for the road, so as to make the water industrys "spring" as scheduled.

   Source: Chinese purifier network

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