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In recent years, changes in the global economy, technology, trade, Chinese businesses have ushered in an unprecedented change in the manufacturing sector is no exception. So, how consumers respond to growing consumer demand, how to make better quality, better product experience, to become every Chinese manufacturing companies will have to pay attention to directions.


especially for domestic water purification industry is especially true. As the vertical segments of the home appliance industry important branch, after previous years of "barbaric growth," water purifier penetration rate in the country, although rising, but because the product homogeneity, price wars and other external environment , resulting in domestic water purifier market is "weak" state. According to Ovid cloud network data show that the first half of 2019, domestic water purifier market growth narrow to 1.3%, significantly downshift. On the other hand, as the market competition and the invasion of foreign brands, domestic net drinkers brand in order to occupy more market share, foreign brands to break through limitations, can do is stick to the road of the brand, insist on technological innovation, ensure product quality itself.


Recently, the domestic high-end net water expert Angel, by means of its 27-year anniversary was held at the headquarters in Shenzhen, the first anniversary of the quality of witness day activities. Activity authority to invite the media and the new and old customers together into Angel, Angel 27 years to find out why only focus on doing clean drinking water areas, as well as water purifier behind the "black technology", but also gives you real insight into what is "Made in China."


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insight into user needs to build the core competitiveness


As we all know, Chinese water pollution, has been threatening people drinking water safety and health. Therefore, since the beginning of Domestic economic development and environmental protection in 2012, Chinas consumers gradually increase to net drinking water health attention, which gave birth to the prosperity of China water purifier, water purifier known as the "home appliance industry Finally, a gold mine, "" new outlet. "


The PRC released data show that, in the context of the home appliance market in 2018 show downward trends, water purification equipment has maintained a 14% growth, market capacity is expected in 2019 China water purifier or more than 200 million units, the total market more than 200 billion yuan.


is a paradox therewith, and a huge market prospects different water purifier,Due to differences in water quality in various regions of China, different drinking habits, consumption concepts and poor variety of factors, only 10% of the national penetration rate of domestic water purifiers far, far cry from the 80% penetration rate in developed countries of Europe and America.


Therefore, for the major water purifier business, the priority is to get out of homogeneity and reduce costs in order to win consumer price war "quagmire", build their own core competitiveness of the most important.


Obviously, as a 27-year history, and is the only company focused on clean drinking water in the field of the old brand, not only for the water quality of China Angel understood very well for consumer demand for water is also a profound insight. Angel, president of the hole that has publicly said that Angel is not in the user research how water purifier, but deep into the scene consumer use among 24-hour study how the consumer is water: what to do up in the morning, noon, what to do What to do in the evening? home life what to do, what to do to go out to work? young children how to water, how old water?


Angel in the course of 27 years of development, has not forgotten beginners mind, adhere to provide consumers with high-quality products and services. It is worth mentioning that, every step of the Angel to go have a profound impact on the future of Chinas water purifier for drinking water net domestic industry to open up a bright road. For example, in 1988, the first water purifier in Angel successfully developed, creating the birth of the era of clean water consumption; in 1993, the first successfully developed in Angel drinking fountains, water consumption leading China into the "Bottled drinking water + "the new era; in 2014, Angel A6 officially listed, fully open the era of the Chinese water consumption quality; another example, in 2018, Angel pioneered the whole house water purification program, better and more comprehensive to meet the net household drinking water It demands; in 2019, Angel episode versatile kitchen water purifiers, water non-stop to solve the pain points purifying the kitchen scene, creating a new class of Chinese water purifier. Therefore, the choice is to choose the quality of protection Angel. Why that Angel has become Chinas leading military water purification industry, which had said that scientific and technological innovation strength behind it.


professional focus from technology emboldened


Although a wide variety of water purification equipment on the domestic market, but it does not prevent China water purifier market growth slowed. The reason, although a number of water purification products,But the product generally is low-tech, heavily dependent on foreign technology, has become the shackles of the forward water purifier.


More seriously, some companies do not even wading document, relying on only a small workshop production, leading to the prevalence of fake and shoddy products. How poor filtration, high proportion of waste water, low water flow, water purifiers short life, how to meet the needs of people with high quality water? Water purifier filter is called the "heart", the filter also determines a good or bad quality of water purifier. But I said above, China water purifier technology is mostly rely on "exotic", currently the most used from Dow spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane technology, water quality but China is very complicated, prone to this reverse osmosis membrane short life, easy to block, and even affect drinking water filtration effect.


In order to solve the root causes of problems on the filter water purifiers, water purifiers many enterprises to embark on the road of independent innovation. From the date of inception, the independent innovation as the existence and prosperity of this Angel, the first to abandon the price war in the water purification industry, focus on technology research and development. Up to now, Angel has received more than 300 patents, including folding plates compliant membrane technology, super-activated carbon technology, large flow pretreatment, nanowhiskers antimicrobial technology.


on the day of testimony in the quality of Angel, Angel, president of the hole would be a special presentation on the new all-around kitchen water purifier, in addition to its two faucets and a small kitchen perfect solution to all the advantages of water can be cleaned, but it full effect of the reverse osmosis membrane mounted (hereinafter referred to as "full effect film") technology is impressive.




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It is understood that the full effect Angel original film break lateral flow reverse osmosis membrane, but the innovation developed side flow membrane, longitudinally away by the water, to increase the speed of the water, impurities in the film is not easily deposited over the water and fouling, effectively overcome the common low-volume reverse osmosis membrane water flux, desalting rate, short life and other common problem, coupled with the use of this document full effect film wading baby pacifier same food-grade liquid silicone material, to achieve a completely non-volatile phenol, pollution, safety performance has been an unprecedented increase.


Black Angel is behind the technology for research and development attention. Angel, president of holes that had previously revealed that the companys R & D expenditure in 2019 will be not less than 100 million yuan, much higher than peers.


by AngelBrand philosophy, the core technology and new products, we can see that in the era of rapid development of the domestic manufacturing industry in order to gain a foothold we must always maintain the quality of the brand, adhere to the consumer as the most important, more important, to have concentrated innovation and technology research attitude and courage.

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