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   I did not expect to receive tickets, the audience was full, but to take the limiting measures. Clouds meters has become the first international exhibition of water charges tickets manufacturers. "Yesterday, at the 2017 International Water Exhibition held in Shanghai, cloud-meter CEO Chen Xiaoping said with a look of excitement, this is the first cloud-meter participate in international water exhibition, the audience did not expect so concerned about the ecological chain millet products.


   in the international water exhibition, the first exhibition of cloud meters, not only brought water purifiers flagship cloud-meter V1, also on display, including range hood, stove and other full set of intelligent kitchen appliances.

   the audience interested in the cloud and traditional rice water purifier water purifier is not the same. in this regard, Chen Xiaoping said that this is because the cloud-meter water purifier is from the inside out due to the innovative design, "and re-invent the net water is the same. "

   It is understood that there is no secondary pollution storage tank traditional water purifier and post-filter pipes, water storage tank using only six months, there will be more than two million bacteria. [123 ]

   in the field, other brands cloud rice gets a water purifier water storage tank, the scene cut, a dark wall of the storage tank adherend, and malodorous. "traditional water purifier It can not seem to buy it. "People have exclaimed crowd.

鍏ㄧ悆棣栧彴浜哄伐鏅鸿兘鍑€姘村櫒浜戠背V1浜浉鍥介檯姘村睍鍚哥潧 Chen Xiaoping said, because the cloud is an innovative water purifier meters to take the lead from the inside, using a non-pressure storage tanks designed to avoid secondary bacterial contamination.

   V1 cloud-meter water purifiers have ten first invention to solve the annoying problem of the water industry. First, innovative 4 + 1 level filtration, ultraviolet disinfection of water increases, the pipeline to avoid bacterial contamination, at ease straight drink. the second is a leading innovative design UV ultraviolet disinfection, sterilization rate of 99.9999%. the third is the use of 400 gallons a leading high-volume technology, without water storage tank, that is ready to drink fresh water filter. Fourth, innovative design three-dimensional integrated waterway, watertight Five-way intelligent design is innovative, automatic water watertight Sixth artificial intelligence to achieve the worlds highest rate of water production, wastewater than pure low as 4: 1, super water-saving innovative design seven is the leading lighting / APP water quality dual reminder. Eighth, innovative design for the core mode, gently twist, autonomy for the core. Nine is the innovative design of 304 lead-free stainless steel faucet, clean inside and outside to avoid heavy metals. Ten is the industrys first water purifier vacuum sealed packaging, storage and transportation to avoid secondary pollution. eleven is a smart new experience: APP monitor filter life, water quality, water use, self-check water qualityPush real-time early warning and so on.

   was founded in 2014 cloud meters, after three years of development, has obtained 428 patents. Wherein 250 patent disclosure, more than 80 international patents. Production of millet water purifier two single-product sales of over 1 billion yuan.

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