14 days to make all the peoplboiling big evento happen

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  You buy or not buy, two-eleven is out there, do not buy can not.

   I know you swore

   you will restrain yourself

   In order to restrain

   what you are doing out 14澶╁悗 浠ゅ叏姘戞哺鑵剧殑澶т簨浠跺氨瑕佸彂鐢? width=

   I know

   you are a story, there are experienced people




   a: hello, cash or credit card

   B:? I ... I wash the dishes

   a:! ......


   a: next month to eat the soil [ 123]

   B: na ~

   A: ......


   A: buy this chop hand

   B: Well [ 123]

   A: ......

   B: even so, you will still receive delivery buy buy buy ...... receive mercy

   A: ......

14澶╁悗 浠ゅ叏姘戞哺鑵剧殑澶т簨浠跺氨瑕佸彂鐢? width= However, the other can not buy, there are things you really want to buy.

   Nani? Water purifiers, home drinking water is the guardian of health.

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