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   growing problem of domestic water quality has become a reality, every year from the use of unhealthy water sources caused by disease, numerous deaths. With the emphasis on drinking water issues, Chinas water industry like mushroomed developed, healthy drinking water for safety reasons, the demand for water purifiers is increasing, the Internet in full swing today, water purifiers gradually step into the era of network marketing. The continued expansion of the water purification industry in 2014, whether online or offline sales, product quality, service and other various enterprises still need to pay extra attention of.




2014 big change in the water purification industry and services to purchase bottleneck

   standard household water purifier mixed lacking the

   According to incomplete statistics, Chinas water purifier enterprises have more than 1,000 sales above 30 million yuan will have about 200. Currently, the industry is mainly composed of water purification filter in accordance with the classification of the product, divided into PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration, the user can select one or more uses and purification The purification efficiency set enabling the water to filter impurities from the pure water to remove organics, chlorine and improve the taste and the like.

   China Household Electrical Appliances Association statistics show that: in 2014 water purification equipment market will reach 5.88 million units, is expected to reach 45 percent compound annual growth rate, but the market is also showing a cohabitation situation. The water purifier market wide range of products but in different ways, when companies promote their products blindly speculation a new concept, so that consumers have no choice.

   different from the traditional consumer electronics market, the current water purification industry, mostly small and medium enterprises, large enterprises have not yet formed, most brands have not formed a certain scale, market concentration is not high. Small enterprises lack economic strength, did not establish its own marketing network, it is difficult to enter the supermarket and shopping malls traditional channels of home appliances, major distributors and sales channels depends on the building materials market, which also caused the sale of part of the non-standard, there is hype and deceptive sales.

   On the technical side, domestic enterprises have owned channels and brand advantages, do not have the core technology of water purification. Domestic appliances giant should be using the latest technology giants by foreign joint ventures, etc..

   water industry "shock" big development

   a leading electricity supplier experts once said: "the next few years,The traditional retail stores will disappear, replaced by a convenient e-commerce model. "In the B2C mode erupted today, B2B model of development was a bit slow. More and more companies have established a comprehensive network mode, they have an independent website, has established a comprehensive branding, brand display network mode. The negotiations under the trading patterns of lines have gradually moved on the network, which will save time for both buyers and sellers, more quickly and easily complete a major project.

   the current water purifier on the market variety, brand cohabitation, product quality varies greatly, residents of the troubled brand of choice. industry experts Hans Day column that we need to have a good, standardized platform for competition. he pointed out that for the current developments to consensus of an industry through this platform internet , it is very important for the current. the current number of Chinese Internet users is huge given the current water purification industry provides a very important opportunity.

   Korea column section describes the current e-commerce has obvious advantages, consumers under the premise to get affordable, pay more attention to product quality and after-sales, therefore, e-commerce and physical stores under the same line, perfect after-sales service will be able to win more repeat business. when consumers buy water purifier only a semi-finished products, the need for specialized installation personnel in the installation and regular maintenance, which is one important advantage. in addition, Hans Day column also said that quality has always been fundamental to survival. Whether online marketing at marketing, or lines, product quality do well, not destined to go a long, inexpensive commodity, even though some consumers due to trouble no longer exchange, next time will never come shopping business, businesses lose more than just this one customer surface , there are more resources behind this one customer, so check product quality is very important.

   the moment when the "water purifier" industry combined with the Internet, we also have lamented the Internet again power and strong influence. this is a traditional industry, is not only a shock, it is a constructive change. reason to believe that the future of online marketing, traditional water purifier will go more long-term. [123 ]

   new water purification equipment continue to impact the market

   2014 the country during the two sessions, the work report Premier Li Keqiang so that more companies see government leaders attach great importance to "water and air safety"And that "let the people drink clean water, breathe fresh air," "pollution fight in the end", "to another 60 million rural drinking water safety issues" and other goals. The water purifier water purification equipment is the most effective program to ensure drinking water safety and health of people, the family, is the fastest solution.

   In strong impetus to the governments water purification equipment impact on the market is growing, consumers replacement, out of some low-level, pollution, high energy consumption of drinking fountains and other products, will undoubtedly preferred water purification equipment.

   safe and effective water-saving and environmental protection is still the subject of a water purifier industry for many years. In the water purifier market, from the kitchen to a central water purifier water purifier, from accessories to various antibacterial antifouling and water conservation can of sites, including intelligent control, are carrying out changes in technology, we believe this products can be able to meet the majority of consumer psychology. In appearance, the FRP pipe from the water machine to machine, material to light and from the much-loved former stainless steel, and can ultraviolet disinfection, each link in the "health" approach. The industry and consumers generally believe that 2014 water purification industry will usher in a greater change in the situation.

   rapid market expansion of the brand how to break through

   water purifier penetration step by step we are spreading, there are many brands have joined the market. When purchasing has become easy, we have chosen to become service water purifier brand bottleneck. In the past period of time, price wars and rampant speculation the concept of war the moment. Water purifier industry a series of vicious competition, led directly to a large number of non-brand, technology, products, brands and services to bow out.

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