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   HC purification network on the one hand is the growing health conscious users; the other on the one hand todays water quality is getting worse - this contradiction that todays water purifier ride the wind, the fire in the market.

   But to see some water purifier exaggerated propaganda slogans (especially in front of the community, leave that to type the countryside sellers), we can not help but wonder: so exaggerated effect, water purifier whether it was a hoax ? The fact is, water purifier half real, half a hoax.


   half true

   water purifier has three main functions is very real - if you really need these three functions, you can move back home water purifier.

   1. Purified water


   purifier does have the ability to purify the water, and are strong. Not only does it keep us visible impurities, odor elimination, but also our invisible bacterium, various ions clean out - through the water, only water molecules inside the water purifier.

   In this heavy pollution of the environment, one can drink water, I believe many people will have to meet - and in some developed countries has drinking fountains in public places, in fact, what we see today water purifier (the same principle, relatively large heads only).

   2. No scale


   The reason produce scale, as long as it contains water because calcium and magnesium ions, which after being heated in conjunction with carbonate ions, the formation of scale . Both the pure water there is no metal ions, naturally there is no scale produced.

   A word of caution: If you just need no scale, you can select a lower price and longer life of the water softener. .

   3 good taste


   In addition to the water purifier can purify water quality, as well as the ability to improve the texture of - all of the water purifier, are equipped with a "rear- activated Carbon. " Its role is to allow water to drink up a little bit sweet.

   In addition to scale and the same, nor is the main function to improve the taste of pure water. So if you just need to improve the taste, then buy a faucet topsThe kind of water purifier enough.

   half of the scam

   while others promote water purifier is more exaggerated, if you see this, please immediately away - water purifier is not so strong, businesses in the flicker you.

   1. Health


   "drinking water must be better than to drink tap water", this sentence is a false proposition. Tap water is through the national testing of water, you can say it does not taste good, not good to use, but must not question its safety.

   Instead of pure water, since there is no internal trace elements needed by the body, long drink this water, it causes the body to feel powerless.

   water purifier is only suitable for two types of people: people on the water content of dissatisfaction (such as baby milk to drink, like tea or person), no running water at home and people - such as where I district, although where there are water pipes, but is not turned on municipal tap water, but Wells. The safety of this water is more worrying the.

   2. Health


   "alkaline water", "softening blood vessels", "improving the physical" ...... these claims is purely groundless, the water purifier is produced in pure water, distilled water and your ingredients lid on the home is no different. This is how things might have a health effect?

   Unfortunately, there are many older people happens to believe that their children do not know the stopping point!

   3. price


   calculated on the water purifier "artificially high prices" model. Water purifier in a total of three types of filter: PP cotton, activated carbon and RO reverse osmosis membrane.

   wherein the high cost of a reverse osmosis membrane, high up to 500 yuan / root. Other types of filter cost is very low, basically no more than hundred dollars.

   The few piled up such a filter, coupled with the housing, motor, faucets, price gets on a few thousand dollars - of which the water is a bit too big.

   In fact, the price of household water purifier is not recommended more than 3000 yuan, then it is of no significance, because the filter is worth so much money.


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