This year, home appliance exports increased 8% pre-tradrisk

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   How to resolve trade risks, December 6 became the internationalization of Chinese electronic home appliances Business Summit hot topic.

   China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation chief economist Wang Wen said, "the greatest uncertainty in 2019, still comes from the Sino-US trade friction."

   China CCCMEs data show that the first three quarters this year, Chinas home appliance product exports 57.05 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.4% expected annual export growth of 8%. Industry experts suggest that the export of defense enterprises are well prepared and accelerate the global industry chain layout to defuse the risk of trade friction caused.



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   appliance industry overseas M & A boom continues

   Xiao Bian import and export of electromechanical products from China Chamber of Commerce informed that from January to September 2018, affected by various factors, major home appliances export volumes have different levels of growth, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other large appliances including parts of the traditional exports of $ 26.4 billion, an increase over last year 12.6%; small appliances including parts exports 29.92 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.8%.

   In the context of this year, Sino-US trade friction, home appliances exports are still growing, mainly due to three aspects: First, the countrys sustained economic growth in Europe and the US and European markets accounted for Chinese home appliance exports combined market share of 45% for the first half of Chinese home appliance exports continued to pick up in Europe and America; the second is part of the exchange rate devaluation to ease the pressure; Third, enterprises in response to the Sino-US trade friction to take some emergency measures, such as shipments to the United States in advance, and if the enterprises to increase ASEAN and other emerging market development efforts and so on.

   Throughout this year, in addition to the first quarter due to the holiday factor slight fluctuations, the first three quarters of home appliance exports have maintained steady growth. From the current perspective, the impact of Sino-US trade friction from Novembers exports began to show, the follow-up impact will be reflected in the export figures for next year, it is expected that the year 2018 Chinas home appliance exports in 2017 will scale than an 8% increase.

   China CCCME appliance branch Secretary-General to First Financial Correspondent Zhou Nan said, several factors support the rapid growth of Chinese home appliance exports have gradually disappeared - Manufacturing demographic dividend is about to disappear, no advantage in raw material prices at all, market growth mainly emptyInter almost saturated.

   2018 appliance industry set off a wave of overseas mergers and acquisitions. July, Slovenia regulators formally approved the acquisition of Hisense white manufacturer Gorenje Slovenia, Hisense will acquire 95.42% of the shares of Gorenje. September 28, Qingdao Haier announced that its wholly owned subsidiary "Haier Europe" has signed an agreement to pay 475 million euros (about 3.805 billion yuan) to acquire 100% of the shares of the Italian company Candy S.p.A. Since 2015, Chinas household electrical appliance enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions of more than 10 large and small cases, this trend continues. "This reflects the Chinese home appliance enterprises to accelerate the pace of global management, restructuring initiative to break the bottleneck facing the industry." Zhou Nan said.

   worries Where?

   The United States is the largest market, Chinas home appliance exports, Sino-US trade friction increases the risk of Chinese home appliance exports in the coming years.

   Data import and export of electromechanical products in China Chamber of Commerce show that in 2017 China exported 15.36 billion US dollars of home appliances to the United States, accounting for $ 68.5 billion of total exports of home appliances 22.4%. Large-scale export of products mainly include air conditioners, refrigerators, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens.

   US home appliances consumption is about 18 percent of global consumption of household appliances, second only to Chinas 30 percent, but production only accounts for about 2% of global production of home appliances. China is a major importer of US home appliances. According to Trade Data Online2017骞寸粺璁$殑閲戦鏁版嵁, China is the largest importer in the United States electric kitchen, TV, vacuum cleaner, medical massage appliances; air-conditioning, refrigerator as the second largest importer; washing machines are the United States in 2016 and before largest importer in 2017 due to anti-dumping, Chinese exports reduce US washing machine.

   According to the World Customs statistics, imports from the United States point of view of home appliances, 2015 and 2017, most imports from China, the scale of about $ 16.5 billion, accounting for more than 40 percent of total US imports of household appliances. 2017 US imports from China of home appliances to $ 16.97 billion, 40.3% of total imports.

   The tax Sino-US trade friction list three times in two batches of implementation: the first $ 50 billion of goods impose a 25% tax rate of the date of entry into force of the list is July 6, 2018;The effective date of the second installment of $ 200 billion list of goods imposed a 10% tax rate is September 24, 2018, the effective date of $ 200 billion in merchandise inventory impose a 25% tariff is January 1, 2019. The two countries recently reached a consensus to stop the upgrade tariffs and other trade restrictions, including no increase existing introduce new tariffs for other measures of tariff rates, and not other commodities. Specifically: the US government 200 billion of Chinese products do not raise tariffs; China and the US are no longer imposed new duties on other new products; for a 25% tariff is still imposed, the two sides toward a direction to cancel, the intensive negotiations to reach an agreement.

   the first $ 50 billion of goods inventory, the object is not to focus on home appliances, the proposed tariffs of products includes only the compressor (including air conditioners and refrigerators, etc.), water heaters, air purifiers, water purifier, dishwasher, involving merchandise exports of $ 630 million.

   The second installment of $ 200 billion in goods inventory related to the Chinese customs appliances coding total of 56, accounting for all appliances coding 115 of 47.8%, related to its products include air-conditioning compressor, refrigerator and its compressors, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, induction cooker, electric oven and so on. The list related to the Chinese exports of home appliances in the US market in 2017 was $ 7.49 billion, accounting for US appliances total exports of $ 14.01 billion 53.5%. These products accounted for 22.5% share of global exports.

   defense, offense, "both hands"

   Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute, Li Gang said: "next year to be ready for bigger challenges," China and the US Trade friction has a long-term, uncertainty.

   China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation chief economist Wang Wen expects export risks next year mainly reflected in four aspects: the first is the Sino-US trade disputes, the global risk technology of the Cold War, from trade restrictions to technology export restrictions change; the second is the number of US interest rates, US stocks down, Argentina, Turkey, Venezuela and other emerging countries appear devaluation crisis; third is the geopolitical risk, such as the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine; fourth global economic differentiation, economy has shown recovery trend in developed countries, there are different levels of economic development bottleneck in developing countries, trade war further exacerbated economic growth differentiation situation, global economic downside risk in CanadaBig.

   Tang Tao put forward two suggestions: First, the "defense", to comply with US export control laws and regulations and other overseas, the export trade to compliance; the second is "forward", the United States, Canada and Mexico have signed free trade area agreement, ASEAN also has free trade agreements, Chinas export enterprises can FTA, optimize the layout of the global supply chain, to cross some of the barriers to trade, we are prepared to deal with high risk to do in the future.

   China Development CCCME industry Goldsmith, director Wang also suggested that enterprises must first make the global supply chain assessment and market diversification, and secondly to strengthen the industry to deal with technical barriers to trade, but also actively participate in trade investigation relief. "For the US market and the technology is highly dependent companies should re-examine their own marketing, technology strategy and operational processes; actively explore the demand in Europe, Asia and the domestic market, dispersed customers; strengthen independent research or seek alternative technology sources, to guard against other measures "may be taken by the United States.

   Euromonitor International Consumer Electronics analyst Zhang Feng believes that enterprises should seize the structural opportunities. Although the consumer electronics market growth in North America, Western Europe is slowing, but consumption in China and India has tremendous opportunities, such as Chinas automatic dryers, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and Indian markets, automatic washing machines, air-conditioning markets the rapid growth. Export smart products also have great potential. Chinese companies can also look at Europe, Middle East and Africa region acquisition opportunities to expand the market; while at things, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, and enhance areas of real / virtual reality cooperation or acquisitions to enhance its technical strength.

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