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   After more than a year of preparation, Chinas first "sports Meng beast" today officially settled in Beijing Easyhome home life MALL.


   November 23, 2019, Easyhome chairman Wang Lin Peng, president of Hong Chengyu Korea WEPEAK ignite the movement Meng beast (Sports Monster) Torch Chinas first store, was invited to witness billion euros home house had another household consumption experiential project officially opened.


   August 16, 2018, the Korean company WEPEAK sports Meng beast belongs to the House had signed a strategic agreement, announced that it will join hands to enter the Chinese market. After more than a year of preparation, Chinas first "sports Meng beast" today officially settled in Beijing Easyhome home life MALL.

   The first test sports entertainment formats, actually home to three-year plan to open five stores

   adorable animal movement is South Koreas most representative sports paradise IP, innovatively sports, entertainment and theme park the formats are combined, with the sports entertainment field successfully cut into the theme park, opened since 2016 to the end of 2018, Henan and South Korea Goyang two store received a total of more than 1 million customer visits, the figure is one-tenth of the population of Seoul, the popularity is evident.

   House had settled home life MALL in the Sports Monster adorable animal park sports a total area of 鈥嬧€?560 square meters, with 11 meters high dynamic three-dimensional space, the store is divided into Basic (basic), Exciting (excited), Adventure (Adventure), digital (digital) experience four areas, covering basketball, trampoline, laser shooting, rock climbing, VR experience and other twenty-eight sports.

   WEPEAK company president Hong Chengyu introduced, museum equipment were from the Americas, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, gathering a large number of professional sports brand, 40% of the project is the first time in China.


   It is understood that in Guangzhou Tianhe Meng beasts second motion will also be open for business after the New Year. According to the plan, within three years, the House had opened five branches in motion Meng beast Hubei, Jilin and other cities, and will also use Easyhome Alibaba and big data enabling the brand to meet different customer needs movement.

   largest consumer revolutionType steadily

   in the House had 2019 Spring Festival Reception, chairman Wang Lin Peng announced the "three convergence" strategy: the integration of online and offline, "big home" to "big spending" integration, the industry downstream synergistic integration. It was under the guidance of this strategy, the House had to start from the home store layout to the low frequency of consumption of the whole format.

   As Easyhome from "big home" to "big spending" to upgrade the vanguard of Beijing Easyhome home experience MALL has completed the furniture, building materials, original art, supermarkets, restaurants cinemas, childrens entertainment, full coverage of large format digital consumer intelligence, physical fitness and home care and so on. The reason why the fancy movement Meng beast actually home, precisely because it fit the format actually home "big spending" territory.

   Meng beast to join the movement, the rich actually home MALL home life of the forms, has become an important part of the sports section of the territory of the House had "big spending." At the same time, together with the movement of animals Meng Boo Lele childrens theme park, Yisheng Jian body clubs, Fukang pension and other large consumer format will be formed actually home to the "big spending" transformation from a fusion of the "big home" strong grasp hand.


   the opening ceremony, Wang Lin Peng, chairman of House had said that cross-border integration and consumer entertainment experience is an important trend in the development of future commercial fusion "clothing, housing," "edutainment Medical support "as one of the large commercial complex entity will become the mainstream retail business. Easyhome effort to build community-wide coverage and other sports adorable animals, consumption of high frequency format is actually home to seriously practice the important performance of "big home" to "big spending" integration in the future, even homes will continue to consume entertainment, business experience into the starting point to promote the big home-largest consumer convergence strategy.

   As Chinas consumption structure upgrading, business entities cross-border integration has become a trend, actually home to advance step by step from being home to a large consumption of large convergence strategy. Fresh green box in hand from the horse to the motion Meng beast go hand in hand, actually home on the road next "big spending" integration of which will usher in unexpected collaborators, we should look forward to.

   (Source: billion euros net, invasion deleted)

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