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Summit theme already carried out by the Chinese water industry Associations "marketing changes, success in the future", at the meeting, major brands of water purifiers representatives to discuss trends in marketing water purifier, which area marketing strategy and new media marketing has become the focus of discussion.


net of the spring water purifier brand director Li Yang says, the next two marketing water purifier One of them is the general direction of regionalization. The current situation of the local water purifier market increase, people will slow down, not fully cover the overall publicity, three or four lines rapid start-up and development, regional development will be an important breakthrough in the market.

   four-tier cities will gradually rise

   the last two years the water purifier market has been in a state of rapid growth in the next period of time, the water purifier market will slow down, then It is compatible with market consolidation. Changes in the macroeconomic market will allow water purifier marketing strategy to generate regional transformation, water purifier main battlefield from a second-tier to tier cities.

   water purifier manufacturers to survive must change the concept, not a simple product trading relationship, but service with the service. Among the many media platforms to promote its brand penetration is a priority, because the future will become increasingly popular consumer brands, no-name Army ceased to exist.

   new media marketing can not be underestimated

   microblogging, letters, and from other social use of new media is changing the behavior of users, these new media will become a new marketing approach. In the near future, technology will be gradually unified, it will affect the users buying habits and awareness of the problem.

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