Water is polluted, and you care about minimal mineral connt

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  Water is polluted, and you care about minimal mineral content inside? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 276 Date: 2019-3-26 11:53:32 In thirty years ago, the water has not been contaminated, people do not know do not need water purification equipment. For now, the reason need water purifier, because the water is contaminated, delivered to every household tap water is not over clean. However, many problems occur, we will often wandering in the process. Where there are a lot of people say, if installed a water purifier, the water inside the "nutrition" are filtered out, it is not do not you? A lot of people will be brought to ditch this sentence. 姘磋姹℃煋浜嗭紝浣犺繕鍦ㄦ剰閲岄潰寰箮鍏跺井鐨勭熆鐗╄川鍚噺锛? width= My answer is: If you drink water is not clean, then the water inside the "nutrition" nothing! The following statement for your reference. First, the water inside the "nutrition" When it comes to water inside the "nutrition", we first thought is a variety of trace elements, trace elements in the "trace" refers to the human body content is extremely low, not very rare or very rare the meaning of. So, what it is not "nutrition." 2, in fact, very little content elements, which means less will not do, nor more, both equally harmful. 3, trace elements in the human body can absorb organic state, while the trace elements in a state almost not absorb the inorganic (such as calcium and magnesium scale inside, inside the iron rust, etc.). In fact, to be precise, most trace elements can only come from food. Second, the science about a human body is composed of 60 kinds of elements. 2, all based on the total weight of 0.01% or more body elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other elements in accordance with the content of the different human body, called macro elements. 3, all based on the total weight of 0.01% or less of the body elements, such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, molybdenum, cobalt and fluorine, called trace elements. 4, such as zinc only thirty-three millionths of the total weight of the human body. Iron and only one million sixty points. Therefore, accurate trace elements really mean very little content in the human body, not some people think is very scarce means, understood as the micro-nutrients, this is a typical little understood. Third, trace elements come from a variety of elements the body needs is to get from the food supplement. 2, in fact, God has been good overall consideration, as long as a balanced diet, the bodys various elements are basically required can be met.3, scientific conclusion is that only living plants to absorb and make use of inorganic minerals from the soil. 4, a few examples: If the body feels the lack of calcium, from milk or calcium intake should be in the (live births calcium, organic calcium), the water at this time there are a lot of calcium is useless. Ingested without being absorbed by the substance discharged through the liver, kidneys and other organs of the body, so that the organs bear additional burdens. It also contributed to a number of chronic diseases of the important reasons, such as: a variety of stones, liver damage, kidney damage. Fourth, the lack of too much harm has 1, lack of certain trace elements in the human body can cause diseases, 2, but excessive or excess will cause harm to humans, such as Selenium is an essential nutrient element, selenium can lead to excessive water body selenium exceeded five or removal of contaminated water inside is king reality, we often see a variety of manufacturers desperately how his propaganda out of the water purifier processing how magic, he invented the water, the water, the nations first first, the worlds first, how to cure, I put it all summed up as "liar god of water." Actually in all kinds of speculation invalid, Bluff, even harmful concept, which is typical of fraud, speculation, corporate useless, harmful to consumers, will ultimately ended in failure. Sixth, the water is not clean, the water inside the "nutrition" fart! Under the premise of contaminated water, the water a significant impact on human health is one thing: Clean! clean! ! clean! ! ! Clean is the premise, the premise of this talk left clean and trace elements, nutritional minerals, forest for the trees. Now who is still missing nutrition? Not only does lack of nutrition, most people nutrition! What are we missing? Drinking water is clean! So, we bought a water purifier to solve the water pollution problem, to solve disease, cancer, affect fertility, developmental problems. The pursuit of quality of life and quality of living, at least no major disease to live until they died. The clean water is to achieve this goal the most important factor.

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