Wash rice and vegetables also need to clean water, ttry it _

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  Wash rice and vegetables also need to clean water, central water purifier to try it Author: Tim net water purification Views: 404 Published: 2017-9-30 10:05:03 domestic water needs every day, in addition to drinking water pay attention to the fact that we live in cooking vegetables also need good water, but at the moment it seems. Many families still use tap water for cooking vegetables. Among daily water inlet into the body of water includes not only water but also includes water for cooking vegetables, it should be 27% of total water consumption. However, most of the family only noticed improvement is better than 2% of drinking water, is to choose to drink bottled purified water, and better than 25% of the vegetables to cook with water but did not do anything, it entrance into the body . Selected bottled purified water while only improved better than 2% water, and 25% better than cooking vegetables without any processing water (tap water or underground used as well). To be truly healthy drinking water, it must take two kinds of entrance all the water purification. Currently, the easiest way that you can do is to better than 25% of the cooking water also replaced all bottled purified water. In the case of quality assurance, this method does work, over many years, this cost is not low. Thus, the net water purifier Tim recommended later a central water, 1 t of water per hour, two tons, three tons, must satisfy a variety of household water. Tim net central water, to remove residual chlorine in water, heterochromatic odor, bacteria, sediment, suspended solids, to remove water impurity, is more suitable wash rice vegetables, brushing mouthwash.

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