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this summer, sponsored by the German kitchen brand Hansgrohe public projects - PROCEEDINGS fund, and China Womens Development Foundation together, work together on "Water Cellar for Mothers-campus safe drinking water," the reconstruction projects. June 28, 2019, the first stop of the launching ceremony held at the Inner Mongolia Balinyouqi benefits and Noel Central Primary School. The completion of the project, designed to provide clean and healthy drinking water to children in poor areas. Mr. Ren Quansheng president


Hansgrohe China, said: "Water is the source of life, but also protecting their hope for the future than a century, Hansgrohe adhering to the passion for the water, with its superb. products for people to bring rich and full of fun water experience. Hansgrohe Quan Fund will also continue to act, would work with schools in more places. "



"water cellar for mothers-campus safe drinking water," the first stop of projects funded by the launch of


Hansgrohe to "Quan" was established in 2014 under the name Hansgrohe Quan fund. PROCEEDINGS ancient word for spring, meaning with endless stretches, long meandering stream to a trickle care and help people in need. This is a corporate responsibility to society Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe is the love of every persons heart. At first, led by the Human Resources Department, public care programs for internal staff. Its inception, Quan fund contributions over many family members of staff seriously ill, as they bring hope in life.



Hansgrohe Quan Fund: Quan Quan meaning heart, let love flow


鈥?Mr. Han Sige founded by Hans Grohe in 1901 always "see the water bath, met the US" as the core concept, with kitchen and bathroom products showed the beauty of the water, the beauty of life, so that people enjoy the wonderful experience of interaction with water. 118 years, from the boundless love and respect "Water," the origin of life, Hansgrohe its excellent quality, unique design, innovative technology, and contribute to sustainable development in the sanitary industry world-renowned, wide acclaimed. This year, the brand also launched a new kitchen sink and faucet assembly, and the front end water purifier, faucet pipe storage box drawer full range of water-based sBox modern kitchen and garbage disposal solutions.



Hansgrohe kitchen water solution: kitchen sink, kitchen faucets, water purifiers, sbox, trashProcessor


In the process to take root in Chinas development, Hansgrohe realized that a socially responsible leading bathroom brand not only in the professional field to lead, but also focus on domestic water scarcity areas of water daily health problem. So, since 2018, the fund began to Quan society.



Hansgrohe marketing center in Shanghai bazaar scene, caring people have to buy supplies bazaar



in Songjiang factory, Hansgrohe German colleagues to buy the sale items


two years, Quan funds from Shanghai, Inner Mongolia Balinyouqi to donate money will be used to aid the poor dryland school drinking water projects, but also after each charity positive Thinking: is it possible to counterparts in aided schools to buy books and stationery, kids drinking in improving conditions at the same time, improve their learning conditions.



Quan Fund to participate in "Earth moving" love public run



Quan Fund Omori shop Elementary School Library Project activities



Quan Fund donate life appliances in Beijing light and love school


October 20, 2018, PROCEEDINGS IMF Hansgrohe employees came to Hebei Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County Omori chomchon participation "Earth moving" love public run, while spontaneously carried out Omori store primary public book donation activity. Followed by another in January 20, 2019 and January 24 in Shanghai Songjiang factory marketing center and fund love Quan held a bazaar to buy books for the school counterparts aided dryland raise money more than 27,000 yuan, need help children donate a love.


June 28 the same year, we have ushered donation benefits come to an end and Noel Primary School "Mother Reservoir-campus safe drinking water" project groundbreaking ceremony! September 7, Donate Life Electric Light and Love for the Beijing school. Despite the different forms, but the original intention PROCEEDINGS funds consistently. Every participant at the event feel water dripping into the true meaning of river-going, happy to get in good faith in the eyes of the children, but also for Hansgrohe "see the water bath, encounter beautiful" brand motto with deep-seated of understanding.


   As a water with a passion for business, Hansgrohe will provide users with a better experience in water development, production, sale and other aspects at the same time, by Quan fund to make love "flow" together. "Everyone do a little bit, the world will change a lot." Future, Hansgrohe PROCEEDINGS fund will organize more water-related public activities, let love be clear stream flowing in the heart.

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