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   In recent years, more and more serious environmental pollution, a lot of people more and more attention to their own health. So many people in the new home renovation will choose to install a new ventilation system, but the new wind system is not the average family can afford, so many people put attention to the drinking water, more and more families started buying water purifiers. After all, with the mouth, but arouse peoples attention. Water purifier market there are many types of products, then the water purifier how to buy it? Ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis in the end choose Which is better? Xiao Bian to consult a professional.


   Whether or reverse osmosis home water purifier, which core elements are film, the difference is mainly reflected in the film element.

   refers to the normal permeate the two different concentrated dilute solution in the same vessel separated by a semipermeable membrane, a dilute solution of one end side of the other end will naturally concentrated solution to flow, this when a pressure differential will form is called osmotic pressure.


   applied to the reverse osmosis refers to a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure on one side of a concentrated solution, the concentrated solution will then flow to a dilute solution, such that the flow direction opposite to the original direction of penetration, so called reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis water purification works is like this.


   Ultrafiltration refers to the decontaminated solution, separation or separation technology transmission method, to achieve the purification of membrane solution was concentrated.

   difference between the two: 1. Only one percent ultrafiltration membrane pore size, pore size of reverse osmosis membrane element of the membrane, it is possible to reverse osmosis water purification unit to remove water and heavy metals, pesticides and tris chloride and other chemical contaminants, but can not do UF water purifier.

   UF water purifier main able to remove particulate contaminants and bacteria, but also reverse osmosis water purification can be done. .


   2 using clean water, reverse osmosis water purifier using the water supply, water is for drinking, the concentration of water for washing is used; however, generally water purifier ultrafiltration It is used as washing, except when good water quality can be directly used as drinking water. .

   In addition, reverse osmosis water purification with ultrafiltration water purifier also compared these advantages: 1 can get rid of various impurities in the water such that water is more secure; 2 better taste of the water. ;. 3 can reduce water hardness, so that the boiler does not fouling. These are the ultrafiltration water purifiers can not be done. Therefore, the use as drinking water, it is recommended to buy small or reverse osmosis water purifier.

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