Use small way to help large water purifier market agents Fun

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   In recent years, with the development of water purification industry, many water filter companies are aware of the role of ceramic tile stores show, but to do the show is not an easy task, in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry today each water filter companies are gearing up, dedicated to finishing touches - the terminal building to do. Water purification agents when making the terminal building itself is to be combined with regional characteristics and market conditions. The following strategy is for reference only.




great use of small ways to help agents Fun water purifier market (Photo from Internet)

   a strategy, entertainment do spread

   water purifier agents can put some entertaining photos or videos of strong circle of friends to share, microblogging or sent to the internet, to attract the eyes of users, but also to do their own brand publicity. Entertainment means a lot, you can make a large investment may be small, the key is the heart!

   Strategy II, the implementation of standardized service small spanner

   After the machine sold, and even home delivery installation, the process of "small wrench service" first line has been maintained? can politely civilized exchange with the owners after the door, install or replace the filter in the machine, including the installation work clothes, work caps, dust-proof shoe covers, etc., in the installation kit, are the little wrench service provisions essential red carpet at the owners home? etc. these not only embodies the brand of professional and professional qualities, but also able to accumulate a good reputation. The so-called Gold, silver cup, as the users reputation!

   Strategy three, is a powerful new guided weapons

   one is just new products to market, the other is on the regional market no, it is possible for consumers themselves, the price is not comparable to similar products, you can be called new. Otherwise, if a product other stores already have, and you just on, can not be called new. In short, the marketing, new products can bring premium space and high rates of return on sales and marketing, the water purification agents to keep up with the rhythm.

   Strategy 4, to set up clean water distribution networks

   a person sellers, even if a high rate of return, but eventually limited the number, but if you have a team of sellers, the effect will be gathered very obvious. So then into the next level, if the regional market where agents gradually developed distribution network, so that multiple teams aSince serve you, even if profit margins middle a little, but the dish up, the rate of return you will be more meaningful than a person, the network built up, with brand coverage overall sales will zoom.

   Strategy Five, there is a sense it is important

   for each install a water filter, or yourself or your installer, to install the photo must take the water purifier shot down, but also to send at any time to go online, take advantage of the full circle of friends Ye Hao, QQ space Ye Hao, microblogging worth mentioning, we can use to brush out their own "sense of presence" so that people around you will remember not only sellers but also very can sellers, have been sellers. Hot atmosphere that comes out of this, it is important to spread positive energy, this energy is in turn will give you extra points, it will produce aggregation effect.

   six strategies, use of water purification gifts play well and finishing touches

   what customers really want to buy? Of course, is to buy the product! So is the core product, too different, too have to buy. But the customer still lurks deep inside a "Little 99", is the "additional profit of excitement," Give it to inspired, sellers paid off, it kicked into it.

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