There are hidden dangers of traditional wat tatment process-

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traditional water treatment process there is our hidden: now upgrade to the new membrane technology


a century process products are often popular, but there are exceptions, like the product, it is tap water. "Increase two cents a ton of water, so water to make some, water prices go Sanmao, use 200 liters of water per person per day, less than two dollars a month, why not change it?" From electricity to run the equipment cost to the decimal point the last four digits of precision, Zhansheng carefully calculated the cost of running water plant launched advanced treatment. Zhansheng 79-year-old professor of School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Chinas drinking water treatment industry experts, this account he had to forget for many years, and now finally condensed into a "deep processing reconstruction project summarizes research", in 2012, it was handed over to Department of Housing. Drinking water treatment is relatively "Coagulation - Disinfection precipitate - - filtering" conventional treatment process. Before the 20th century, leading to unclean drinking water cholera, malaria and other epidemics. Early 20th century, as the removal of pathogenic microorganisms in the water, forming a conventional four-step treatment process. The face of organic pollution brought about rapid industrial development, conventional treatment processes in use for centuries has been stretched. A so-called advanced treatment process into being, the main method that is Ozone - GAC process, is simply a large molecular weight organic material by ozone "hit" (oxidation) into small molecules, and then be removed by active carbon filled voids. China is in the process of water purification industry in transition from conventional to advanced treatment. In the Chinese Academy of Engineering Lee Kyu-white eyes, this situation and the United States and Europe in the 1970s is quite similar. In 2007, my country implemented a new national drinking water standard "drinking water health standards", 2012 July 1, all indicators of enforcement. But our water more than 4,000 cities and towns, more than 90% still "stubborn" to retain the old process. On the other hand, membrane technology began in earnest in the late 20th century sprung this film "a particularly fine sieve" can filter bacteria and viruses in water, and significantly reduced the turbidity of the water. According to experts, mediaShao, present, ozone - activated carbon or a film of water treatment processes numbered. In drinking water safety is more important parties 2020-06-08, water purification industry has sniffed out a large number of opportunities for upgrading of bulk water. According to the Ministry of Housing issued in May 2012, "national urban water supply facilities renovation and construction of" Twelfth Five-Year "plan and 2020 vision" (the "Plan"), "Twelfth Five-Year" period, investment in upgrading water works 465 billion, the new water plant investment of 94 billion yuan. Opportunity door is slowly opened. "Our commitment to the national water special large-scale environmental equipment ozone generator localization issues." Assistant General Manager Lin Hui said Newland. According to the reporter, to achieve the "planning", "promotion of key materials equipment in China" requirement, several large domestic ozone, activated carbon and film companies have undertaken similar research topics. Introduced early, difficult to promote in fact, our country for the introduction of advanced treatment process is not late. As early as the 1980s, Beijings water plant Tamura had been using ozone - activated carbon process. However, due to less drinking water year old national standard test indicators, such advanced technology does not reflect the advantage. Once the index is not detected, people can only get the smell that matter. According to the reporter, in the late 1990s, in Jiaxing end of the Taihu Lake Basin due to deteriorating water quality, when people have complaints tap water smell, Jiaxing geographical environment makes clean water far will not be forthcoming in the drinking water treatment process, Jiaxing start breaking. Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Shanghai Municipal Design Institute and a number of experts brought together Jiaxing, after several years of research and commissioning process, the beginning of 2004, at a cost of 56 million, Jiaxing took the lead in the water supply industry launched a water depth treatment process. Following this, Beijing, Kunshan, Shanghai, Jinan, and other water plants coming on line ozone - activated carbon treatment process, in 2007 the implementation of the new national standard of drinking water to speed up the process. With respect to ozone - activated carbon treatment process, membrane technology appears much earlier, membrane processes mouth, gold spoon born, but the scale of the operation later. "In the 1960s, Canadas Jinfa Ming Suo Lila reverse osmosis membrane, when the Apollo moon landing, the astronauts will use reverse osmosis membrane water become urine to drink." Chinese film materials technology company (hereinafter referred to as film Hua company), general manager of Xi Shao Feng said. Although the membrane treatment process to break the routine, but at its core it is still cost. "If you can make high-quality, low-power, low-cost film, prospects immeasurable." The companys directors litersLong Chen Lianggang still remember Zhansheng reminded of. After years of painstaking research and development, by 2009, the Yellow River estuary in Dongying, membrane treatment technology was first applied 10 tons of water, the use of precisely liters of product. According to the reporter, our water plant using membrane technology, a half liters of our products, half of foreign products, foreign companies only in Huzhou, Zhejiang Dow acquired a production line. "Is still in the stage of throwing money, the market has just opened." Xi Shao Feng said. Chinese film companys products and liters of a water plant in Shanghai, "Health Warning": the same device, different products, compare the treatment effect and energy consumption and other indicators. "Foreign scholars say that the 21st century is the era of water treatment membranes." Li Gui Bai Yuanshi said. According to his statistics, in 2006 the global use of membrane treatment of drinking water to 800 million tons, doubled 40 times higher than a decade ago when the membrane process has just entered the water industry. Price does not rise, businesses cautious implementation of the new national standard of drinking water from the water source to the tap means, each link is full of opportunities. In the direction of the flow of drinking water, sewage discharge from the reduction in order to protect water sources, and water pipe network upgrade to tap water purification, the planned total investment of over 500 billion yuan, in addition to the pipe network, Xi Shao Feng believes that the other three links, film processing industry can get involved. In particular, the tap water purifier industry. Since 2000, the Ministry of Health approved a total of over 767 water purification products, which was approved by nearly eight percent after 2007, equivalent to less than three days to approve a product model. "Suppress the price, do not pay attention to technology, a group from a number down." Xi Shao Feng case summary. Chinese film company for enterprises to provide water purification membrane material, Xi Shao Feng gradually found that with respect to the field of sewage treatment and water purification applications for water treatment process is related to millions of households, from experts to the water are more cautious. "The original problem is not resolved, there was a new problem how to do? On new technology there is considerable risk." Jiaxing City water plant general manager check people just say. Jiaxing in the search for drinking water treatment technology, water quality and for all phases have done a detailed study on the establishment of a proper trial process has run for two years. "We can not put the safety of water supply mechanically pressed on the water or process, but to be optimized in all aspects, the establishment of a multi-stage barrier." Light said Charles man. Relative to foreign good water quality, our water quality has been subject to different degrees of pollution, pollution problems are not the same, upgrading water purification process can not be simply copied, and some experts even began to adopt some of the sewage treatmentAs a method of pretreatment of drinking water. Mainstream ozone - activated carbon and membrane processes there is no absolute one is better, Wuxi water plant is an example. According Zhansheng, in 2009, to remove algae, Wuxi water plant launched the ultrafiltration process, but this does not completely remove the odor in the water. In 2010, the addition of water ozone - activated carbon treatment process, was able to remove the odor. "The role and functions of the different treatment processes are complementary, not across the board transformation of water; if the water quality is good, the use of conventional treatment process may be standard," Li Gui Bai Yuanshi said. In fact, in the case of public tap water more and more difficult to rest assured, willing to get water plant launched advanced treatment technology, water industry is expected to improve the price of water to make guaranteed profit or even a loss of water action. For the price of leverage, Xi Shao Feng deep experience in waste water purification. Wujiang in Jiangsu, when sewage charges from 1.1 yuan per ton rose to 2.5 yuan, Chinese film of wastewater reuse technology from "seeking business with" evolved into "corporate initiative to seek with." But the government every time up the price of water will encounter public opposition. "Good leadership, should not have pushed the issue to the public, right?" Zhansheng asked.

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