Why the growing water pollution as essential household water

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   With the technology now more and more social progress, peoples living standards are improving, but you know what? Behind this is to bring more and more serious problem is pollution, water purifier Falan Ni Tips : Water pollution can not be ignored, careful fatal

   living standards improve, the concept can not simultaneously enhancing health, more and more sick people, food contamination, air pollution, water pollution are a test of our body every day! limit, while water pollution is impossible for us, there are more than 50 kinds of diseases have been found substandard drinking water quality requirements due cause, including cancer, stones, gastrointestinal disease, and kidney disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Focus on water pollution is concerned about the root causes of illness, to solve the water pollution is 80% less chance of illness.

   away from the disease from healthy drinking water beginning

   water pollution because there are too many toxic and hazardous substances into the water, but we can not be removed, so as to bring threat to health and life, to solve the water get rid of the root causes of pollution is to use technological methods of chemical substances and heavy metals in water, reducing water pure, clean nature, a growing number of water purifier has been widespread concern, we are faced with two extremes there are drinking water purification either turn a blind eye, or requires water with a variety of functions, these two extremes is unscientific, water is water, pure and clean, can help the bodys cells transport nutrients, take away waste water is the most essential functions, the same healthy the only criterion is that drinking water equipment can not fully remove the chemicals and heavy metals in water.

   reverse osmosis water purification technology, household water purifiers central

   the world can get rid of the water to maximize material technology only reverse osmosis technology, which is used in a water space technology purification technology, astronauts in space, drinking water comes from repeated evolution of the product and the technology, the health sector to address the treatment of kidney dialysis is also using this technology through reverse osmosis water filtration technology, is our common life of drinking water, no heating may direct the health and safety of drinking water.

   Falan Ni water purifiers, originated in France, household water purifiers, water machine manufacturer, by the famous film star in glory portrait endorsement, Falan Ni as water purifiers top ten brands, CCTV broadcasting brand, 315 brand integrity, in addition to the RO membrane, booster pump independent R & D department and production workshop, andAnd has a large domestic ultrafiltration machine production lines, water machine production lines. Falan Ni water purifier has been adhering to the high-end configuration line, so that product quality to international standards.

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   scientifically tested: help us better identify drinking water

   How do we know the same two cups of water crystal clear glass that is more safe and clean it up and we know a few? drinking water quality testing tool:

   the first tool: TDS pen, numerical representation, milligrams per liter of water containing solid matter.

   The second tool: an electrolyzer,

   The third tool: demonstrator

   By introducing the above test tool, we can know whether the contaminated water, the naked eye do not see the need to help you with professional testing tools to identify, understand you drink water every day? do you drink water clean, not clean, please let professionals around you to help you test it!

   [ 123] pure clean water: bring not only healthy

   pure, clean water, not only for your health, in life there are many benefits, not only to drink pure, clean, cook cook too need to use pure clean water, pure clean water for cooking, and more delicious taste, more mellow flavor soup, pure water washing clean laundry is not static, no dishwashing white, pure clean water, scale will not boil , reduce the scale harm to the body, pure clean water watering flowers, fresh flowers longer and extend the life of life, pure rush of water can keep us away from disease, reduce the incidence of 80% of the disease, let us better to enjoy a better life, pure and clean water is brought happiness, happy, healthy life to enjoy.

   From the water begins to enjoy life

   food to the water first, as a net source of water, improve water quality is to improve physical fitness, attention to healthy drinking water is concerned about kidney health, a survey shows that 60% of households have the intention of installing home water purifier and demand, but the uS and Europe 90%, Asia 70% penetration rate in developed countries compared to our water purification product penetration with only 2% still far short of the needs of the market, the future of the family, water purification will be the most popular home appliances.

   Falan Ni: to build clean water brand in the industry, promote clean drinking water, theWith a new concept of household water pure water, is dedicated to her friends drink clean water.

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