Self-cleaning water filter

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   First, the self-cleaning noun

   is a self-cleaning water purifier new product and a better structure of the embodiment, self-cleaning means are self-cleaning, self-cleaning type water purifier self-cleaning device can be dozens or more per day, without the need to disassemble periodic manual cleaning, the dirt is not machine travel.



   different from the self-cleaning water filter market seen automatic sewage purifier and a computer board with automatic washing water purifier, the former is self-cleaning machine function, which means that all of the filter inside the machine has a certain self-cleaning function; the latter is only a filter for a machine to play the role of flushing sewage or other filter still rely on manual disassemble for cleaning.

   self-cleaning water purifier is developed and produced on the basis of two out of the latest patented technology of water treatment on the field today.

   Second, the principle described Comparative

   is the use of a conventional water purifier principle barrier screen filter structure progressive manner, a multi-stage filter from end to end in series, complex structure, high failure rate, the filter precision sequentially arranged from low to high, dirt trapped in the filter at all levels, since a lack of a structure into a trapway, the inevitable accumulation of dirt which require periodic manual washable sewage, water quality and to ensure that the machine working normally.

   Application of self-cleaning water filter sub-quality self-cleaning structure circulation principle embodiment, the structure is simple, ingenious, reliable, most of the dirt was trapped on the filter of the first stage of the raw water side, does not feed into the interior of the machine, and make this part of the water flow passage to form a washed, to water does not rot, contaminants (less than 1 second before) in its sole discharge opening moments washing faucet. Purified water permeation through the membrane by other clean water passage channel is formed, so as to achieve the purpose of water supply.

   Third, the self-cleaning water filter superiority

   1, self-cleaning (self-cleaning machine) is easy to use: for demolition, disposable, the contamination is not less change filter, no electricity

   2, bis filter (double membrane design protection) Water enduring: None installed black water, carbon residue, bacteria before and after isolation, good taste

   3, low power (ultra-low power costs) more low-carbon energy: sub-quality water, 100% power, 50% water-saving, saving supplies 67%

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