What is the central water purifier- Optional centrw purifime

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   is part of the central water purifier whole house water purification system, then what is the central water purifier water purifier it? How to buy a central water purifier it? Together with the small series to learn about it!




What is the central water purifier? Optional central water treatment process (picture from the network)

   Central Water Introduction

   it is a large central water purifier home water treatment equipment, originated in 1832, British Albany O founding invention, suitable for whole house central water, the core technology is mainly microfiltration (PP cotton fibers and activated carbon), ultrafiltration (hollow fiber), KDF, ACF, ceramic filters and the like.

   Central Water Purifier purchase method

   1. Select brand

   the best option should be cooperation with international background of professional brand, because the professional background of the brand international cooperation international and domestic advanced adaptability of technology.

   2. Look there is no health permit approval

   especially the "New International" (106) (GB5749? 2006) of the test reports, and other authoritative test report.

   3. See quality type processor

   purifier to the actual situation of the local water, surface water mainly in South, mainly to remove the sediment, biological rot plants, bacteria, and organic, northern groundwater-based, pay more attention to descaling. And organic chlorine adsorption depends mainly on activated carbon, filtered and microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

   4. See cartridge life

   Central Water generally direct water flow and marked static rated total water. If the water was rated as the 2000L, water flow is 1L / H, which means that the device can be used 2,000 hours. Different equipment life is not the same. Most products are six months to a year you need to replace a cartridge. Some need to replace the filter water purifier if not replacement, is likely to cause the already filtered material reflux, water pollution.

   before the purchase of water purifiers, water purification we need to determine their own needs, so as to have targeted selection. Above related presentations on the central water purifier, hope can help to you.

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