Tim net water purifier on Taobao arbitrary price of treatmen

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  Tim net water purifier on Taobao handling of the chaotic price: Tim net water purification Views: 433 Date: 2017-6-2 15:44:58 Dear Tian Tian net net of dealers and users friends: Tim net water purifier recently customer complaints received, said Taobao significant low-cost water purification equipment Tim net. Verification Division I discovered that unscrupulous individual businesses Taobao does have stolen the companys website with maps and business Taobao shop publicity plan, and cheap shelves Tim net water purifier, consumer fraud said to be "original supplier, authentic Guarantee". The move has hurt the interests of consumers and cause a very bad influence our corporate reputation, product reputation. In order to fight against counterfeit goods, consumer protection, get to the root, our company issued the following solemn statement: 1, Tim net water purification company opened Taobao shop "net British health technology water purification shop" and Suning, "Tim Net official flagship store" Tim net water purifier is the official electricity supplier shop unauthorized dealers or any other individuals or businesses to conduct online sales, as consumers buy online informal channels "tendge Tim net" water purification products, has quality, installation and after-sales service and other issues, the company assumes no liability guarantee, does not provide any after-sales maintenance services. 2, in order that users can safely use our products, and to protect your own interests are not damaged, go to the dealership entity or official business platform of our company to purchase our products, or call 400-6900-996 consultation, we will provide you with quality services. 3, thanks to the vast number of consumers friends and partners trust and support long-Tian net, Tim net water purifier to release all information and official website www.tendge-china.com official micro letter "Tendge American Tim net water" shall prevail .

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