Winning district marketg water purifier deals need to build

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  China water purifier [network] community is an important channel for sales of household water purifiers, water purifiers is a lot of dealers compete for market. District marketing of water purifier dealers should be no stranger, but ideas determine, water purifier dealers also sometimes wonder, obviously everything is ready, still ended in failure, why? Is the lack of a good marketing team it. Excellent marketing team is critical to the promotion of community, and create a good marketing team needs to grasp the following points.

winning district marketing water purifier dealers need to build community marketing team (picture from the network)

   established an outstanding community promotion team, the significance of a dealers very important. District Extension Department (group) generally consists of 2-10 members, at least two people, set up a manager or supervisor, consists of several groups, generally a group of 2-3 people, in units of groups to residential development. At the same time, a clear community promotion manager and representatives of business community to promote job responsibilities.

   1, recruitment of

   sales promotion requires the cell is: hard, perseverance. Community promotion of poor working conditions, long working hours, physical exertion, great deal of difficulty, only with the above cell quality personnel to be competent. Recommendations to recruit a number of vocational high schools from rural areas just graduated from secondary school students, college students, these people just out of school, eager to seek a job, in addition to students from rural areas in particular, can endure hardship, practical work, which is the district extension workers one of the essential qualities. Property management experience is preferred. Have experience in property management staff, when dealing with property companies in the future, with a common language, which will help establish a good relationship with the property company.

   2, training

   before the district extension workers for employment, should the series of training, including basic knowledge of water purifiers and knowledge of marketing, after passing the examination for posts.

   3. The system

   establishing the basic system of community promotion department, including: "community promotion department job responsibilities," "cell to promote the practical operation of Manual", "cell extension staff assessment, incentives "" community promotion materials management approach "," community promotion model management approach "and so on.

   4, incentives

   Measures for the Administration to develop the pay district extension workers, incentives and disincentives, and let everyone know heSalary structure, and how to get higher wages.

   5, "encouragement."

   district sales are vulnerable to setbacks, if not timely help district sales staff attitude adjustment, it is easy to make dejected salesman, confidence fell to work extremely negative. Will be available early time, some of my colleagues share stories of success stories, and successful people, motivate staff, overcome difficulties and win orders.

   6. The process of community promotion department of management

   鈶?"three will be" System: By morning meeting, weekly, monthly meetings to keep abreast of the progress of the business, solve problems arising in the work, determine the direction of future work. 鈶?"work logs, work plans, work summary Management System": Fill in the day "work log" to record the content of the work, reflecting market intelligence, work proposals put forward, "work log" submitted before the morning meeting; monthly submit "monthly summary and the work plan. "

   to do the above points, I believe we can build an excellent marketing team, but also hope that all dealers can put water purifier business grew and grew.

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