Water purifier business integrity can not throw deceptive ma

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   water purifier industry is just the momentum of development, but Chinas vast territory, huge population base, accepted and endorsed the concept of consumer water purification is not much. Greater extent, we can say the market is in the incubation period of the water purification industry has yet to be growing, in this process, water purifier manufacturers want to do is the need to educate consumers of clean water consumption, rather than to deception to obtain temporary consumer confidence and thus destroy the long-term development of the brand.




water purifier business integrity can not throw deceptive marketing too short-sighted (Photo from Internet)

   event playback: heavy metals in tap water exceeded lied only to sell water purifiers

   a few days ago, Mr. Song downstairs found a striking announcement, said above, "after investigation, the citys old district water pipe obsolete, more turbid water impurities long-term consumption detrimental to human health, if we find a problem, please call to reflect. "inscribed as a water purification equipment company. Song then call this water purification equipment company phone for information. Mild-mannered and cordial other operator, immediately said, would send "professional staff" home to home to detect water quality.

   Two hours later, two staff members with a bunch of equipment to his enthusiastic home, they will tap into the measuring cup filled, out of paper for testing. Finally, the staff told Mr. Soong, after detecting heavy metals in tap water exceeded his home, long-term drinking, peoples internal organs go wrong. Song panic, immediately ask each other how to do.

   staff out a water purification device, refers to a device capable of effectively filter tap water rust, solid impurities, alkali water and soften water, purified water is drinkable. Staff also said that equipment is donated free of charge, they only charge the cost of testing water quality and installation of equipment, a total of 580 yuan. Hot day, two staff members is not easy, and the device is the give away, not to mention the health benefits, Mr. Song to pay the costs.


  , drink a few days "purification" of water, Mr. Song has not felt good taste before. So he will this be reflected to the community workers, this turned out that these people have lied to the water problem is to sell water purifiers.

   Comments: Honesty is the fundamental foundation of deception marketingApproach is not desirable

   Although the current water purifier market has been in rapid development, but the vast majority of consumers for clean water is still fairly new concept, which gives a lot of bad businesses can take advantage of the machine. However, marketing can not rely on deception, fraud because once opened, hurt the feelings of consumers, or worse still that consumers are likely from the entire water industry products to breed ill. Take water purifier business of such marketing practices, after being exposed, there will be no long-term economic benefits at all.

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