Water purification industry ushered in the development of t

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   while still in the water purifier market rapid growth, but also quietly usher inflection point. The latest statistics, 3M, Patio, beautiful, A.O. Smith, Angel sales of the top five brands accounted for over more than sixty percent of the market share. Experts said that with the water purifier brand sales to further focus, the market is about to bid farewell to the growing barbarism.




water purification industry ushered in the development of the market turning point will bid farewell to the growth of barbarism (Photo from Internet)

   more than 5,000 companies squeeze single-plank bridge

   as the water purifier market matures, the number of water purifier brand also amazing growth rate, according to incomplete statistics, Chinas water purifier brand has now reached 5600. Reporters found that the sale of a single water purifier Taobao has nearly more than 200 brands, more than 1,000 products.

   in which a large number of water purifier business, the real number of water purifier brands but not much. The vast majority entering the field of water purification, water purifier business enterprises to carry out both traditional household electrical appliance enterprises such as Midea, Gree, A.O. Smith. In addition, unknown, closely follow the trend of small home workshop.

   industry watchers Hong Shibin told reporters that even if the big brands gathered, there are still many SMEs first to enter the field of water purification, in addition to seeing the future market prospects, the higher profits is probably the biggest temptation. Analysts believe that the current water purification industry profits as high as 40% -50%.

   In this regard, a water purifier company told reporters, because the country is no uniform industry standards, resulting in uneven quality and water purification phenomenon artificially high prices, and consumer water purifier awareness is not high, so relatively speaking, there is a relatively large profit space. At present, my country water purifier market price is no uniform standard, ranging from water purifier prices from a few hundred to several thousand dollars and then to million.

   After reporters found that activated carbon as the water purification filter relatively cheap price, the price is generally 100 to 300 yuan; membrane filter water purifier large price difference, the element 400-5000 about; which reverse osmosis (RO membrane) water purifier on the market mainstream water purification equipment, the price will be higher, generally more than 2,000 yuan.

   market turning point is quietly coming

   in 2016 and water treatment equipmentWhile overall consumer electronics market compared to the performance is still eye-catching, but the growth rate is being narrowed. The latest data show that by 2015, the market rate of nearly 70% of rapid expansion. The first half of 2016, total sales of 13.5 billion yuan water purification equipment, an increase of 19% over the same period last year the growth rate narrowed 25 percent. 2016 full-year retail sales of water purification equipment market will reach 28.5 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, the market entered the stage of adjustment.

   In addition, although many water purifier brands, but market concentration was further strengthened, few brands minute walk most of the market cake. According to the PRC latest week, third party monitoring data show that in the first 42 weeks - water purifiers online sales statistics (10 October 16) in, 3M accounted for 32.7% of market share, the United States 18.6% , Patio closely followed by 13.6%; online retail sales in the United States with 23.3% market share leader, followed Patio 22.5%, AO Smith 14.2%, 14.1% Angel. When

   speaks of the "water purifier sales this year, growth has slowed down," the problem, the Four Seasons song Mu water purification, director of marketing Ka1 also acknowledged that this years growth somewhat weak water purifier. But he believes that in China, the entire clean water penetration is still relatively low, according to the population is divided into 400 million households to count, and now the popularity of water purification installation rate of less than 10%. Therefore, there is still much room for growth.

   School of Environment, Tsinghua University Associate Professor, drinking water safety and research director Yang Hongwei said, water purifier penetration rate in China is still far short of expectations, countries need to develop some standard, companies set up sales service system, so that consumers no worries after purchase, I believe the future will gradually grow.

   Hong Shibin believes that as consumers become more sophisticated, water purifier market paved with gold era is past, the future market will belong to those that have the technology, branded.

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