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  Water industry landmark 2015 review of major events: Tim net household water purifiers Views: 676 Published: 2016-4-29 14:47:23 瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒_瀹剁敤鍑€姘存満 2015 China water industry, there has been a thriving good scene. On the one hand due to state policies favorable to vigorously support and rising consumer awareness of environmental protection, on the other hand benefited from water purification companies and manufacturers continue to introduce new specifications and threshold of the industry and improve marketing and product innovation. 2015 What is the sign of the water industry event occurred? Tim net water purification agents for you to sort out one or two. Event One: promulgated by the State Council ten water purification industry to promote the development of April 16, Chinas water pollution the most important programmatic document "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "water ten") promulgated by the State Council approval, the water treatment industry ushered in the golden period of development, the need for water purification devices are proliferating, water purification industry will enter a golden period of development track. Two events: the supply-side reform opened the curtain of water purification industry usher in good policies of November 19, the State Council issued a report entitled "State Council on the new consumer actively play a leading role, to accelerate the formation of new guidance to cultivate a new power supply ( Guo Fa [2015] No. 66) "document, this is interpreted as" central supply-side reforms. "the first one introduced, which is the highest level of the national first-mentioned water purifiers, water purification industry, which is Gordon on a big stage, it provides an opportunity to further expand the industrial scale water purifiers. Event three: the SAIC issued a public notice will be empty net water purifier industry concentration and control in order to protect the interests of consumers, maintain a fair competitive market environment, SAIC decided in January 2015 - March and intensive remediation and air nationwide drinking water purification supplies special class action. Event Four: Eighth Shanghai International Exhibition water purification Eight Immortals display their talents June 10 to 12, at the Eighth Shanghai International Exhibition of water, 100,000 square meters large exhibition space brings together more than 30 countries in 2000 multi-brand, a total of more than 45,000 exhibits covering sewage treatment, water purification and membrane and water treatment ends of the three major theme exhibition, is currently the largest professional water treatment exhibition. Event Five: water purifier sampling, product development is the last word in order to stabilize market order, ensuring industry productsQuality, relevant government departments, agencies began demanding management. AQSIQ and the market in which the guard Planning Commission for a thorough investigation of water purification products enterprises. CDC Health Department approval of this document are also more stringent, in order to maintain the water purification market order, made great efforts. Event Six: water purifier brand event into the Diaoyutai influence extended to outside industry November 18, sponsored by the HC purification network, Ho Chak water purifier exclusive title of "win China enjoy" HC 2015 China water industry Internet Conference and event brand awards ceremony was held at Beijings Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the principal leaders of industry experts, the backbone of mainstream companies and dealer groups all the participants, this event regardless of size or influence have hit a new high of industry, an industry landmark event. Event Seven: water purification industry set off a wave of celebrity endorsements, celebrity marketing momentum to January 14, Lin Chi-ling as a spokesperson attend the sun, rain water purifier dealers annual meeting, taking the lead in the water purification industry celebrity endorsements boom, there Fan Bingbing, Lin Chi-ling, Wang Luo Dan, Sun Li, Li, Yu Rong Guang, Zhu Shimao, Ng Man Tat large number of celebrity endorsements water purifier brand. Event Eight: millet Water 2015 sparked heated debate say the most talked about water purifiers, millet may have to mention. Although halfway out of "Cheng Yaojin," we are all mixed millet purifier on prices, but on the Mac frequent replacement, product homogeneity serious water purifier market, millet through technological innovation developed by Desktop water machine, to maintain the freedom core technology. Its convenient and unique advantages, it has become a big winner in the competition. Event Nine: 116 water purifier enterprises to participate commitment to product quality, excellent products into the development of the last word water purifier market has become increasingly standardized, the threshold is increased. SAIC January - March launched a centralized regulation of air and water purification supplies special class action across the country. The Following Administration of Quality Supervision Organization-Ho-taek, Midea, Gree and other 18 enterprises unify its commitment to water purification products at or above the relevant national and industry standards, and to disclose their product purification efficiency of heavy metals and other harmful substances, has 116 home water purification companies to consumers to make commitment to quality, quality inspection departments, a move that promises enterprise product quality through rigorous testing to ensure stable and reliable industry mainstream enterprise product quality. Event X: love clean water charity nourish the hearts of children June 10, 2015, HC network and water purification Friends of the Foundation for poor mountain "love clean water - to give children a healthy childhood clean"Chinese volunteers poverty action plan large public event press conference held in Shanghai National Exhibition Center, the event came in 2015, after another eight provinces and 23 schools in 12 counties, many caring companies have already completed the installation of water purification equipment, We will continue to love to pass in 2016. Household water purification equipment household water purification _ 瀹剁敤鍑€姘磋澶嘷瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒

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