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Ms. Lee, who lives in High-tech Zone (new urban), the recent selection for the water purifier things to worry about. Some shopping guide describes more the filter, the better the water purification effect, and some shopping guide said water purifiers water purification effect is not entirely dependent on how much of the filter. A lap down, still sound so confused, I do not know the election Which is good. Take a look below these errors, are not you often make?




The more the filter, the better filter


When the store shopping guide to explain to the customer, the filter is more than four five-mentioned filter water effect Hershey, potentially mislead consumers believe that the more the filter, the better the filtering effect.


In fact, the principle of a conventional water purifier, is through pp cotton, activated carbon, filtered and the filter film reaches several stages purification purposes, more additional filter, also increases the maintenance cost, the filter has a life, a general grade filter cartridges six months to be replaced once a secondary element, three filter in 2 to 3 years, and according to frequency of use to replace the more the number of filters, the more the replacement cost, which is why the market is rare seven because eight filter water purifier and so on.


Myth: no effluent, like the water purifier unplugged


Usually wastewater purifiers on the market rate 1: 3, many people complain of high wastewater, many people are not turning to effluent, the unplugged water purifiers, water purifiers unplugged to some extent, the requirements of the water pressure, if it takes a lot to live in high-rise water pressure.


Further not effluent water purifier, mainly to increase the internal circulation of the waste water, waste water, etc. Thus secondary use, due to the limitations of the technique itself water purifier, more cycles, the higher the quality TDS value; and increased frequency circulation, reduce filter life, increased maintenance cost, so all kinds of things both advantages and disadvantages, a dichotomy in the water purifier choice.


Myth: As long as the brand, there are after-sale guarantee


a lot of people because they are cheap suffer a great deal, and excitedly bought a lot cheaper than the market price of the machine, the quality is not prone to say, call to find someone to repair it is difficult to find people, poor choice also affects health.


Many businesses optimistic about the water purification industry, a large number of flooded into the market and found that the water purification industry not as good dry, no longer a simple filter, various brands increased function in, technology Competition mature, but also the sale of CompetitionAfter the service, so I chose the big brands is critical, as the United States, Patio, Angel, Pentair, EcoWater water purifiers and other major brands, in addition to improve after-sales, word of mouth is also good.


Myth: mineral water, completely filter out


a lot of water purifier filter out of the water called pure water, mineral water, whether it be completely filtered out? It will not affect health?


In fact, primarily treated water purifier in excessive calcium and magnesium ions and other bacteria, heavy metals, etc., only to a certain extent to reduce calcium and magnesium ion content, will not be completely filtered out, Further, the body minerals needed not just to get from the drink, like vegetables, food and so can provide the human body needs minerals.


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